Will it go away?

Will it go away?
« on: April 22, 2011, 07:15:11 pm »
hi ive had puffy nipples for as long as i can remember, im 16 now and its starting to make me quite self conscious :/ im not over weight at all although i used to be a little chubby but i doubt this is the cause. Since ive had it so long can i expect it to go away with puberty or is this realistically not going to happen?

Thanks for any help


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Re: Will it go away?
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Welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of help and support here.

I'm 16 too, and I DO think my gyne was from me being over weight (5'3" 170) and its made me very self consious and shy, so I know how you feel.

It depends on the severity of your gyne. Usually the smaller the gland behind your nipple is, the more likely it will go away (I think). You should post some pictures to help us to help you more

Re: Will it go away?
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If you have had puffy nipples, with or without general enlargement of the chest, for two years or longer, then it will probably remain.  Obviously, there is no rush to do anything surgically.  You can observe it for as long as you wish -- but ultimately you will reach a point where you give up and realize that the only recourse is to have it removed surgically.

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