Idlewild's guide to dealing with puffy nipples.

Idlewild's guide to dealing with puffy nipples.
« on: August 08, 2010, 07:48:24 pm »
Hey everyone,

I have had gyno for a long time and dealing with puffy nipples has been quite a difficult road. I decided to put together a little bit of information and guidance that helped me out. I'd like to say that these measures are temporary-helpful in the long run, but of course surgery is the best route in the case of gland related problems.

Long Term:

The first and best way of dealing with puffy nipples is reducing the underlying cause. While we cannot do much about the gland, we can lessen the amount of fat present under the nipples. I'd recommend a good diet, a ketogenic diet is very good for stubborn fat, very muscle sparing and is the only type of diet I use nowadays.

A rough daily outline is to eat <50g carbohydrates, 1.5-2g of protein per kg of bodyweight, and the rest fat. Try to eat around 1500-2000 calories a day for a heavier individual, lighter individuals may opt to eat 1200 calories. Simply restricting carbohydrates already cuts down calories a lot, but don't go overboard with the fat content. A multivitamin, some calcium (~600-1000mg) and 6X omega3 pills helps mobilize the fats to be burned. Not necessary, but they help alot.

For exercise cardio isn't really necessary, a full body workout, one heavy set of 6-8 reps per bodypart is enough. Do that every 3-4 days, thats it.

I like to pair the above diet with a product called Yohimburn ES. It is a topical product containing Yohimbine HCL, acetyl l-carnitine, caffeine and a few other ingredients. It is marketed as a fat burner, and now I know it gets skeptical but hear me out. This product will never burn the fat for you. It simply functions to mobilize and accelerate the release of free fatty acids to BE burned. Yohimbine HCL is a proven stimulant, it works. But the oral version does have side effects, and this topical version effectively knocks out the side effects. Simply put, this product only works if you are already dieting and exercising. The ES version of Yohimburn is the one that contains the extra stimulants and I prefer it, the caffeine functions to draw water out of the area you apply it to during exercise, which already reduces puffy nipples after a few days. Also works for abs, thighs, anywhere you have stubborn fat so thats a plus.

It comes with a squirt cap and I apply about a squirt to each pectoral. For other areas, apply to those areas. Available at the
There is a member discount, make sure you read the front page.
Note: There is a package of Yohimburn ES and a product called AIFM marketed as the "Man-Boob Kit". AIFM is an aromatase inhibitor, it lowers estrogen and by doing so increases testosterone, not by too much, but increases it nonetheless. This effect is supposed to reduce glandular tissue but in my opinion, and I have tried it, it only works for people who JUST developed gynecomastia. ie. bodybuilders/teenagers still in puberty. You could try it but, in my opinion, unnecessary. It might have some merits if your gyno seems to change from day to day, or isn't hard yet.

These changes, while more on the long term side, are profoundly effective. Infact, I find the next temporary method to be very less effective without the above dieting + yohimburn.


This next method has been around these forums for a while, and I have seen many users try it out but theres no definitive way to do it. I'm talking about the liquid bandage, and more specifically New Skin liquid bandage. I have a big bottle of this at home and it is my go to guy for when I have to take my shirt off.

It comes in a little bottle with a nail-polish like applicator, not sure what its called, but think nail polish and you'll get it.

I've put together a few tips I've found works well and I think it will help.

1) Try to apply it in a very cold area after a cold shower + exfoliating, such as an air conditioned room or a cool basement where it will keep your nipple hard for a longer time. If not, you can sit in front of a fan after a shower and it should keep the nipples hard while you apply.

2) Avoid rubbing against the nipple through out the day after applying, whether from clothes rubbing against you or rough-housing, etc. Lessens the chance that it will crack and start to peel.

3) If minor cracks start, and this is especially good for the edges or cracks that start to appear white, apply a waterproof sunscreen/sunblock on the nipple and lightly rub in till clear. Infact, possibly do this before getting in the water but after letting the New Skin settle for a while. I usually do it after coming out of the pool and noticing it start to crack.

4) Don't go overboard with the amount you use, I dip it in the bottle, give it a quick wipe on the sides and apply around the nipple.

And i think the most important tip,

5) Apply only on the areola but NOT on the very nipple tip, looks much much more natural.

In conclusion, obviously diet and exercise are top notch helpers when combating puffy nipples. A great physique hampered by puffy nipples is effectively knocked out with New Skin. Hopefully these methods will help you guys out there, it did for me. As always these methods are secondary to surgery, but are definitely helpful when surgery is out of reach.

Good luck!


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Re: Idlewild's guide to dealing with puffy nipples.
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Brilliant guide.. would be awsome if had pictures of nipples before and after new skin .... I would also like to know that is that caffiene spray thing available online or at pharmacies aswell?.. nd I would appreciate if someone could post a guide on which types of shirts to wear with puffy nipples.. and colours and prints .. .especially in summer.

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Re: Idlewild's guide to dealing with puffy nipples.
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Could you also post some sort of a guide on what to eat, I know I take in way too many carbs now, a gatorade alone has 34G carbs and I drink at least 2-3 on top of energy drinks which are also full carbs too I think around the same amount.

I don't understand how the liquid bandage helps, I don't know if I have a puffy nipple issue or not, but would like a before and after pic also.
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Re: Idlewild's guide to dealing with puffy nipples.
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It is more of a topical yohimbine spray than a caffeine spray, the caffeine is just for fast cosmetic diuretic effect. It is unlikely you will be able to find this in a pharmacy, yohimbine itself in the oral form is hard to find. I don't have any before and after pictures but it's best to try it out yourself and see if it works for you, New Skin is only about $6 CAD.

For clothing I always wear a wifebeater under every shirt, and that wifebeater is always tucked in, a compression garment would likely be better but they can be expensive and uncomfortable.

Bonebleached, did you want some examples of what to eat? Pretty much cut out all the extra calories and carbs. Gatorades and energy drinks just won't do. Diet drinks are fine though, sucralose ones are the best but aspartame ones won't hurt. It's all about counting carbs, keep it under 50g total a day. A rough diet that still works could be steaks, burger patties with cheese, bacon, etc. A more controlled, efficient diet would be boneless skinless chicken breast, any spices, other lean meats (tuna, turkey, etc). Also green vegetables are very low in carbs and therefore calories. It's best to check the nutrition info of lots of foods and see what works well for you. I enjoy pickles as a snack for example, very few carbs.

1g of protein = 4 calories
1g of fat = 9 calories
1g of carbohydrates - 4 calories

While it seems that cutting out fat would work the best, it is very hard to do so and arguably less effective. Fat = flavor, your much more prone to crash on a low fat diet. As for a low-carb diet, there's carbs in so many foods and simply low-carbing would control calories by itself. That is why you can get away with eating some very fatty meats. As well, a low carb diet is very muscle sparing. It's also much faster.

Re: Idlewild's guide to dealing with puffy nipples.
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Thanks very much for the good tips, I am very much looking forward to trying them out to see if they help. Quick question though: how long does one bottle of the "Yohimburn" spray-on last? Because it's like $59 (I live in the UK which makes it around 40) and if it only lasts for a week or so I do not want to buy it! Hit me back.

Re: Idlewild's guide to dealing with puffy nipples.
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is new skin water proof?

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