Scarring, Hypertrophic

Scarring, Hypertrophic
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I tend to get scars that are raised and prominent, and am considering surgery. could this be preventable in surgery so that it doesn't develop or is there really nothing to do about it?


Re: Scarring, Hypertrophic
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Incisions and their resultant scars will heal differently in different parts of the body.  That is why plastic surgeons can place all types of incisions on the face, for example, with minimal threat of poor scars.

There are certainly some ways to help a potential scar -- and the first starts with gentle manipulation of the tissues during surgery.  Some scar care can be initiated soon after surgery.  But Mother Nature is a brutal antagonist -- and sometimes, even with the best of effort, a less than optimal scar may result.  However, plastic surgeons are adept at dealing with scars -- it just pays to be prudent and watchful and have your surgeon treat the scar if it appears to be developing some thickness, etc.

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Re: Scarring, Hypertrophic
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The key in your situation in scar placement.  Incisions heal differently on different parts of the body.  Fortunately, from a gynecomastia standpoint, we are very lucky in that the areola is considered a "privileged" area because scarring in this area will rarely keloid or become hypertrophic.  Your surgeon should be careful not to put additional scars on other areas of your chest, as these incisions may widen and become hypertrophic.  As a note, hypertrophic scars are much more common where there is tension and there is very little tension in gynecomastia correction. 
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