Cream to aid the scars from the surgery.

Cream to aid the scars from the surgery.
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Most people in the USA use Mederma to help healing scars. However, if you read the ingredients it does not have any medication, just natural ingredients. In Peru, I was able to buy a medication that is sold without prescription to heal scars and your skin. It actually has medication in it that will promote healing of scars and minimize their appearance. Here is the information on it, compare yourself since it could help you if you find it. The price is like almost $8 USD. Mederma is very expensive.

Topic cream for protecting, repairing, and embellishing the skin

Each gram contains:
Vitamin A: 5, 000 UI
Vitamin E: 10 mg
Panthenol: 50 mg
Vehicles: s.q.

MUCOVITŪ CREAM is a preparation for dermic topic use that contains vitamins A, E, and panthenol. These vitamins help to provide a favorable environment for the process of protection, repair, and renewal of the skin.
Vitamin A prevents excessive keratinization, increases skin elasticity, cooperates in the dermis and epidermis thickening process, normalizes the dry and dehydrated skin and repairs the damage caused by light.
Vitamin E penetrates the skin, accumulating in high levels in the stratum corneum. It acts as a non-occlusive moisturizer, moisturizing the skin in an exceptionally long-lasting way (up to 16 hours). It helps to maintain the flexibility and to prevent the hardening of the stratum corneum.
Panthenol, also called vitamin B5, is present in all the living cells and is a component of coenzyme A. Under this latter form, it participates in the acetylation reactions in the synthesis of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause several dermatological disorders. Among its actions on the skin, its moisturizing action of rapid and deep penetration, its capacity for stimulating the proliferation of fibers (probably this action helps to repair the tissue), and the easiness to promote normal keratinization stand out distinctly.

Indications and use:
Skin protector and repairer.
Treatment of dry skin and hyperkeratosis. Itis also used as an assistant in the repair of mild superficial skin injuries (first degree burns, mild sun erythema).
Protector against dermic irritations caused by urine in children that use diapers, as well as nipple injuries in breastfeeding women.
Protector and repairer of strias during pregnancy. Treatment of accidental and surgery wounds. Acne treatment.
It can be used as protective cream against the damage caused by sun radiation on skin. Diverse dermatosis.

Doses and route of administration:
Apply exclusively on the skin.
Previously disinfect or clean covering the compromised area two or three times a day.
In sun and diaper erythema, apply as many times as necessary.

Tube of 30 grams


Re: Cream to aid the scars from the surgery.
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Just from reading the ingredients it has to work. I am waiting another week to try it. I'll let you know the outcome.

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