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Photos / Re: my gyne
« Last post by rebcho on Yesterday at 03:57:56 PM »
You have large female breasts with feminine nipples. You should be wearing a bra like a woman does.
Thanks SideSet. Sure wish there was some feeling in them since I'm going to be carrying them around for a while. 

Based on my rough measurements:

Under: 51"
Bust: 54"

That puts me at what, 50C territory?
Photos / Re: my gyne
« Last post by rebcho on Yesterday at 03:50:31 PM »
Thank you Steven. So definitely breasts then. It might seem odd to other people that I wouldn't notice their growth, but when you spend decades avoiding looking at yourself and just going day to day in a fog...lots can happen that you don't notice until you "wake up".  I appreciate the offer of support, I will keep it in mind. 
Photos / Re: my gyne
« Last post by SideSet on Yesterday at 03:49:31 PM »
You have large female breasts with feminine nipples. You should be wearing a bra like a woman does. 
Acceptance / Re: Do you ever feel "out there"?
« Last post by aboywithgirls on Yesterday at 08:24:52 AM »
As far as being "out there ", I know that proportionality, my girls are larger than most women. My latest bra is an Elomi Matilda. It's a UK 38G which is a US 38I. However it's a mesh lace underwire. I don't feel as projected as some of my molded cups. It is very supportive and I feel not as heavy in the chest. 

Like John said, like women,  I wear different bras for different reasons and different tops. You have to have the right bra for your shape and you have to have the right top for the shape. Wearing an underwire is how I achieve this. Most of my button down tops are women's because they fit me better. I can wear my bra and be comfortable and wear a top....well,  let's call it what it is, a blouse and not have gapping across my chest that shows my bra and not wear something that's 3 sizes too big! I feel better not looking like I'm wearing a potato sack! If that means that my shirts, tops or blouses come from Torrid and Lane Bryant, so be it. We all know that mens shirts aren't made to fit boobs. I just want to look and feel my best.
Acceptance / Re: Do you ever feel "out there"?
« Last post by hammer on Yesterday at 07:37:21 AM »
Thank you John and Steven

I too found that the right fitting bra made a world of difference! At the end of the day when you get ready for bed and it's time to take off the bra and your not sure you don't even want to says something!

I have bras that are minimizes and are extremely comfortable too! But as I've said everything is getting to big on me now but I still feel better with something on then without. Amazingly the magic gini bra is working just fine for the activity that I'm doing!

Unlike THEDANE who has gain a couple of inches in his height, after going through back surgeries and ageing I have lost some of mine, along with memory and others senior moments stuff lol!
I'm sure others can understand!

As for my weight loss, I sometimes have a hard time seeing it as it has taken me so long to lose it.  The one place that I can see it is in my chair.  I have a zero gravity lift chair that was custom fit for me and if those of you that are close to my age or you younger guys have ever Rowan Martin's "Laugh In", I feel like the part where " Lily Tomlin" would be on the oversized rocking chair doing her little skits.
User Photos / Puffy nipples
« Last post by Salsoul on Yesterday at 05:45:13 AM »
Further to my previous posts, I have tried examining my breasts to see if I can feel any gland material, being a little bit more aware of what I'm feeling for there is a definite change in feel to a harder material.
I have tried to show where I can feel this in the attached photos.
It does go someway to explain the uncomfortable bounce I get which is more than just a bit of wobbly fat, I can always feel something firmer bouncing inside when I get that bounce, like the size of a plum.
All I know is that bounce is very uncomfortable and the compression tops I have been wearing recently are really uncomfortable, other than perhaps the gym I really don't think compression is going to be the way to go, so definitely need to look at alternatives.
As always your views, observations and experience is greatly appreciated.
Acceptance / Re: Do you ever feel "out there"?
« Last post by Johndoe1 on May 20, 2019, 09:57:02 PM »
38C and DD/DDD?! Sheesh! I cannot even begin to fathom how that would be like. I am a small b cup and I agree with John myself. I cannot explain why, but when I wear a bra, I find much relief and satisfaction in a bend over, scoop, swoop, release.

I notice 38C and others who are fairly in good health and shape, with sizable breasts, vs the usual image one may think of a larger man with a stomach to hide behind. Has being a 38C or DD with a frame that is fairly fit been a hassle in having larger breasts?
When I first started wearing a bra I had no real idea what I was doing. I had no idea how snug the band needed to be or how the cups should fit or the proper way to put on a bra. I measured myself as best I could using what information I gleaned from Google and thought that was good enough. At that point I was willing to put up with poor fitting bras and wearing discomfort in general because to not have what little support I was getting was less painful than the years I had already endured of bouncing and jiggling free style. I began wearing a bra everyday and still do. Back pain and the pain of tissue moving around on one's chest will cause you to do things you swore you would never do. But even after a while, that got old. I could see why women complained about their bras all the time. The bra was starting to be a prison of torture for my boobs, not something to solve problems.

I finally found some real information that I could use at a bra boutique website and realized I was in the wrong size bra and I was getting minimal support. I realized my band was too large and my cups were too small, classic bra fitting issues and I had no idea what my true size was. But Walmart only goes up to D cups in larger bands and I didn't think I was any bigger than a C. I Finally got the courage up and found a local bra fitter. I was scared to death to even set up an appointment, but again, discomfort is a great motivator and I did. From that visit, I found out what a bra was suppose to feel like when it was doing its job. And my old bras hadn't been. I went from wearing a 42C full coverage to a 38DD plunge. I finally knew what my true size and shape was. The feeling of support and containment was instantaneous. It felt wonderful! While the band was considerably tighter than what I had been wearing, indenting my skin, it was actually more comfortable now that the rib cage was supporting the weight and the fat was acting as padding and not all the weight on my shoulders. The girls were lifted, supported, contained AND I WAS COMFORTABLE and for the first time, I liked what I saw. With the style of bra, I looked natural, not like I had forms in my bra cups. And that translated to confidence in my appearance I hadn't had before. With the proper shirt or top, that doesn't draw attention to my chest, and that is the key, while you may see some projection, it doesn't look out of place and 99% of people never even give me a second glance now. And I am no fashionista, that is for sure.

I don't wear a minimizer bra very often, but like any woman, you have to wear the right bra for the right top and the inch or inch and half that a minimizer can take off can make all the difference in appearance with some tops. It took a little time to figure out what works and what doesn't, but eventually you get a look that works. Women have been using this trick forever. It works for men as well.

But there are some days, just the way the underwire will hook behind the breast tissue after a swoop and scoop, you feel "out there" more. And it isn't a bad sensation either. You are just more aware of the support and containment. Or at least I do.
User Photos / Re: Is this GYNO or FAT??? Pls help
« Last post by Steven618 on May 20, 2019, 08:08:44 PM »
agree with littleguy, a bra is incredibly intimidating at first and men with fragile egos it's definitely a tough pill to swallow especially when you find out just how large you are cup size wise. But you will be impressed in how great you feel when contained and impressed by how great they look in a comforatble bra
Photos / Re: my gyne
« Last post by Steven618 on May 20, 2019, 06:54:25 PM »
Based on the lifted nipple and the curving of the breast and the crease you can see in the fold of the breast in the upper area I would say it is definitely glandular and not just adipose...breast tissue not fat. Your breasts are just that, and whether you choose to wear a bra or not, do what is best to your preferences. Losing weight would probably help decrease some size but I would assume they would remain quite sizable. Which as a man with breasts who has come to accept, I would advocate that it is far from the worst thing and has come to be one of my fav things about my body. 
I am sorry you have given up, but I hope you find a new found excitement in life. It is no secret that being unhealthy weight wise has a distinct correlation to the mental state of one's being. I hope you find something that gets you going, active, and moving toward a healthier lifestyle. If you do, I have no doubt that you will immediately reap the results of feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally. I know this forum is more about discussing breasts and the acceptance of such things whether surgery or anti surgery. But if you ever need an ear to just vent and discuss things with feel free to private message me at any time. I battled depression for a long time and it was after a long time of self loathing and self detest that I finally gave up on giving up and got up and changed things and it's a daily struggle to be better day to day but staying focused will make a slowly but surely progression toward greater tomorrows.

Photos / my gyne
« Last post by rebcho on May 20, 2019, 06:41:43 PM »

I've been obese for most of my life. I didn't notice/care/understand what was going on with my chest for a long time, just thought it was fat. But the shape has been getting my attention recently and looks pretty fem. There seems to be structure behind the nips, not sure when that showed up. Based on what I've read they could be breast buds? Or am I beyond that?  I'm not interested in surgery at this point, my weight probably takes it out of the equation anyway.  5'8" 340lbs. I battle a lot of depression and self image issues and had just given up on everything. I'm on anti-depression meds now and I'm starting to care again.

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