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Title: preventing reocurring gyne
Post by: babble on February 21, 2006, 05:14:36 PM
Hello guys,

Here's some background..

I developed gyne at age 14, and had it right up until the age of 25.  It's a little more prominent on my right side.  Most people don't notice, just the odd nipple pinch from a buddy.  I guess people think I need to work out or something.  But overeall, the condition was fairly mild.  

I had surgery almost 6 weeks ago.  Nobody ran any tests on me prior to surgery.  After I removed the dressing my chest was flat and bruised.  As the weeks passed, my chest has pushed out again, more so on the left this time.   The left nipple extrudes, and is puffing out.   When I push in on it, it bounces back quickly.  I'm worried it may be growing back.  When I grab the area and the end of my chest I feel a clump inside, almost identical to what I felt prior to surgery.  It's also my left side that is causing some trouble with scarring.  The tissue around the incision is quite hard and deep, it's healing differently than the right side.  I'm currently using silicone gel for the scars.

Not sure if it's related, but I'm of average endowment, have more body hair than you can shake a stick at, and my libido is really high.  I dont' think my testosterone levels are low at all.  My surgeon thinks that given the severity of my orginal condition, blood work for hormonal imbalance is not necessary.

My questions to those experienced on this site are ...

1) Given my situation, would it be very unlikely that this is growing back?  I tend to worry alot, but my gut tells me this isn't scar tissue or swelling

2) How long can something like this be passed of as scar tissue or swelling before something else is considered?

3) If I discover a hormonal imbablance as the cause, what can be done?  Will I need surgery again?

I look forward to some experienced input.
Title: Re: preventing reocurring gyne
Post by: tonysoprano on February 22, 2006, 01:02:35 AM
Im 25 and had had mild,stable gyne from age 20.
no reason to think anything was wrong hormonally but I had bloodtests done by my gp before my op that was a year ago. everything was "normal" and I had the op.

a year later (last week) I go to my gp for a new ps referral to have a revision done and just on a completely spontaneous whim, I ask him to take more bloods.

he does so, and 3 days later rings me saying all is "normal" as expected.

I am a little paranoid and ask to go in and collect the actual ref. range results on paper. and low and behold my estrogen levels are just about to cross over the top end of the entire "normal" range (ideally estrogen levels are healthiest when kept in the bottom 1/3rd of the 'normal' range).

ps. I am a very hairy beast too and would never have expectd this to come up like it did.

hows that for uncanny ?

so, never be too certain of anything is the moral here.
anyway, now I have to go off and investigate the causes and potential treatment of my "new" hormonal problem, before secondary surgery.

take my advice man, and just get piece of mind..