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Title: What next?
Post by: Polarized on November 28, 2018, 03:46:40 PM
Hi Dr's 
So I'm pretty sure I've developed proper gyno issue  (not pseudo).
I'm reasonably slim, around 12.5 stone at 5ft10 (33" waist) so not overweight.
I've got little breasts growing over my pecs as they look to me, can see them from the side clearly and I can feel them, really sensitive and they weigh.
I THINK they first developed after I was on Lanzoprezole and then Omeprazole for about 3 months. After stopping the drugs they didn't improve and have gradually grown bigger.
I can feel little hard lumps ranging from the size of a marble down to a pea to the outer sides of my nipples and running up into my armpit.
My G.P. (NHS) claims she can't feel anything but they are definitely there!!! She does the whole flat palm test thing, you have to use thumb and forefinger to find them- they are really obvious and it's annoying she is saying she can't feel anything!
Anyway, I was going to just go and pay private and have all the gland removed and some liposuction, but I'm worried there might be another underlying cause and they could grow back?
I'm thinking of going back to see a different GP. Is there anything I should be asking them to check before I just go and pay to have these removed? Anything sinister that they should check before I just go and pay for surgery?
I'm going to have to get a credit card to pay for this, £5k is a huge amount of money to me and my family so going under the knife twice really isn't an option! However I can't live with these, they are consuming most of my waking thoughts and have destroyed my self esteem!
Is there any way I could get this done under the NHS? I'd have never taken the proton pump inhibitors if I'd have known this could happen!
Title: Re: What next?
Post by: Litlriki on November 30, 2018, 06:15:06 PM
If you're pretty certain that the condition was caused by the medication, and you no longer feel active growth (florid stage), surgical excision should be a  one-time deal. You didn't give any other personal history or age, so I can't really comment on any risk factors you might have for other contributory conditions. If you have no other major health issues, you should certainly consult with a PCP to have hormonal levels assessed and so on. 
I can't address your NHS options. Insurance rarely covers the surgery in the US, but I know that in Australia, the NHS covered the surgery when there was pain or other issues. I just think the patients had to wait for a long long time to get their surgery. 
Good luck.