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Title: after surgery questions and concerns... worried
Post by: hopefullydone on July 12, 2011, 09:16:21 AM
So i got my surgery 2 and a half weeks ago,
I had puffy nipples.
The doctor used liposuction and incision, during the surgery (i was awake, local anesthesia) she showed me the gland pieces that he removed and they were both small.
She told me that my gynecomastia was caused mostly by fat..

So now 2 weeks post op im recovering pretty well i guess but i just have some concerns
my nipples are not as puffy as before but they still protuded, but i guess now theyre more "pointy" than puffy.
and i have a few lumps next to my nipples, theyre not under my nipples. I've read posts of people talking about lumps right under their nipples but my lumps are not right under them, more like next to/around them.
These lumps are pretty hard.
Is it possible that my doctor only removed the glands right under my nipples , leaving "leftovers" around them?

and any ideas of what's causing my nipples to still be pointy? i mean they're better than my puffy nipples but theyre not really much different after the surgery..

what should i do?? does this sound normal? doctors? anyone?