Help with diagnosis of possible gyno

Help with diagnosis of possible gyno
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:53:38 pm »
Before I begin to explain the situation I got myself in, I'd like to thank any in advance who reply! Any help with my concern is greatly appreciated.

The issue started with me deciding to try an 8 week cycle of the steroid oxandrolone. Stupid, I know and I regret my decision completely after the fact. Anyway I didn't have any issues through the 8 weeks I was using the steroid, or at least not to my knowledge. It was after I had finished the cycle (about 10 days or so) that I noticed small lumps around my left nipple. I only noticed these by chance as I didn't feel any of the nipple tenderness or soreness typically associated with the onset of gyno. The lumps themselves aren't directly behind the nipple either. One is about 2cm to the right of the areola and the other is almost in the center of my pec (about 4cm above the nipple). The lumps themselves are about the size of a corn kernel and don't hurt when I apply pressure.

In anyone's opinion, is this the beginning of a bout with gyno or could this be something else? I made the mistake of not taking pct drugs immediately after my cycle so my initial hormonal imbalance could have been the cause... I have since been taking tamoxifen to restore my hpta and to prevent any extra growth of the lumps. Hopefully, I've provided enough information for someone to comment. I kind of typed this in a panic!


Re: Help with diagnosis of possible gyno
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No way to predict how you will end up.  Best is to lay off any drugs and give your body time to heal.  Three to six months from now, if there is still visible or palpable excess tissue that disturbs you, then consider a visit to a gyne expert to find out what your options would be.

Good luck!

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Re: Help with diagnosis of possible gyno
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Typically, gynecomastia may cause stirrings with nipple sensitivity in the beginning of a cycle of use of an anabolic steroid, but the condition worsens after the cycle, as you've observed, because the hormone levels are altered.  I agree with Dr. Jacobs--Avoid use of hormonally active drugs and allow for stabilization of the condition, and hopefully, it will resolve completely.  Give it at least six months. 
Good luck. 
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