Surgery with Dr. Pope 12--11-08

Surgery with Dr. Pope 12--11-08
« on: December 10, 2008, 07:01:13 am »
Hello everyone. I have had a previous surgery with a reccomended surgeon over a year ago now. He did a good job removing the gland, but did not do any lipo and left me with some fat around the chest. Pretty much I need to get lipo done to get my chest more rounded. I consulted with 2 surgeons from San Francisco, one from New York, and of course with Dr. Pope. All are reasonably priced, but I was most impressed with Dr. Popes answers via E-mail and pictures. I'm flying to Orlando from San Diego, ca and will be staying overnight in Dr. Popes suite. I will post before pictures when I get back and after pictures a few weeks later. Wish me luck!


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Re: Surgery with Dr. Pope 12--11-08
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Good luck. Hope all goes well for you. Wouldn't the plane trip, the suite, plus the op be pretty expensive? How did you pay for all of these?
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Re: Surgery with Dr. Pope 12--11-08
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Ya it does add up. The plane tickets, suite, taxi, etc., puts the price over the other surgeons who are closer to home. I am a bit nervous being far away from home too. I do believe Dr. Pope will do an excellent job though. I will keep everyone updated how it goes and share my experience good or bad. Hopefully those considering traveling to get surgery can get something from this.

Re: Surgery with Dr. Pope 12--11-08
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Best of luck with the OP!!  Just curious, why not a Doc in San Francisco?

Re: Surgery with Dr. Pope 12--11-08
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Any update from your surgery?!??  :)


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