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Very weird

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Very weird
« on: November 17, 2007, 09:49:22 PM »
Well, I finally went to a general doctor for a full physical. I told him that I thought I had gynecomastia (I posted here a while back and I told him what I wrote on here that I've lost a lot of weight since I was 17 and I've still got that stuff there. It could be just leftover fat, sure, but that wouldn't explain why I've had a clear-ish liquid ooze out. Heck, if I squeeze, I can make it ooze out, myself, but just in tiny droplets). Anyway, the doctor palpated me and said he didn't think it was gyno, b/c it would've felt hard inside, but then what could it be? I mean in one hand, if it were gyno, I'd just get the surgery and finally I'd get rid of it, that it's been bothering since I was like 12. But if it weren't I dunno what I'd do. My skin is kinda lose everywhere, and it hasn't tightened even though it's been like a year since I stopped losing significant amounts of weight (in fact, thoughtout the year I've tried my best to just keep it the same). And I've lifted and done cardio for quite a while already, and see no results. So, it's been difficult, so I kinda wish it were gyno... which it might be, because if it's not, why would I lactate (honest to God that I have oozed out that clear-ish liquid). I got the names of a couple of good endocrinologists in the area. Should I hear their opinion first?

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Re: Very weird
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see another gp or an endo if there are many around.

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