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Test results in the normal range? There is nothing normal about my body. HELP!

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The doctors and Endo specialists are driving me nuts, I'm beginning to think that they just don't care or see this as a problem.

I had some hormonal tests done (Again, this time I paid for them myself, not NHS) as I have rather prominent breast tissue and more embarrasing, large feminine buttocks and thighs.  All this showed up at puberty and has got steadily worse.  I'm now 34 years old.  In addition, my sex drive has been crashing since my early 20's, I suffer from anxiety, depression and irratibility. I am 5 Foot 6inches and weigh 77 kgs. So slightly over weight but nothing serious, I excercise 3 times a week and have never taken drugs or any kind.  Could someone in the know please comment on these test results -

Test Results are as follows (Done in Spain so had to translate) -

Prolactin 11.9 ng/mL
Progesteron 0.9 mU/mL   (Range for a man is up to 1.0 so this is high)
17-Beta Estradiol 56 pg/mL   (Range for a man is up to 50 pg/mL so already above that)
LH 3.5 mU/mL    (Range is 1.5 to 34.6 so this is very low)
FSH 2.8 mU/mL   (Range for a man is 1.4 to 18.1 so again, mine is very low)
Testosterone (think it's free test.)  17.20 pg/mL   (Range is 9 to 47.  read on the wellman clinic site that 17.2 is about the same as a 70 year old man, 1'm 34 dam it!!)

My doctor and Endo says they are all within the acceptable range but it's not really acceptable to me as I still have problems mentioned above.  Is there any way I can increase my testosterone, LH and FSH level and reduce my Estrodiol level.

I am thinking of self administering as on-one will help and have carried out some research.  I have 2 problems, 1 is high estrogen and the other is low testosterone.  I believe I need 4-Androstenediol to raise my test levels as this is a precursor to testosterone and does not aromatize although once it converts to test, this could.  Also need it as a topical or transdermal treatment (Therefore no liver problems and more effective delivery). 

I don't know about reducing estrogen, I'm guessing some inhibitor rather than something that just blocks the estrogen from receptors. Not sure where in the UK I can get this stuff or how I can do this without screwing up my body and when one comes off these, I don't want a rebound of similar problems.

Any ideas anyone and many many thanks for any help.



Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=12403.0

If they say these levels are okay, then they are okay. I have the same problem as far as figure and sex drive is concerned. While I don't like the way my body looks, I wouldn't start messing about with hormone treatments unless under proper medical supervision.

My 2 cents.

Well, at least I know i'm not alone.  I understand what you mean about self administration but I can't just leave it.  I've only got one life and the quality of it is suffering.  I would have lipo and the breast op if I knew all the hormones were balanced but they don't seem to be so there is no point until I sort out the hormones.  Can anyone out there read my test results and give me an opinion.

Thanks for your comments theblues.  I appreciate it.


I know what you mean pal, but taking hormones on your own can screw up your body even more. In the worst-case scenario you could wish for your old 'feminine' body back.  ;)

I mean I don't know, as I said, I have the exact same problem. During the winter it's great, I look like a normal guy with all the layers of clothes, but when naked I can't even look at myself in the mirror - take away the penis and bearded face, and you have a slightly masculine woman's body.  :(

I recommend you send a PM to HypoIsHere, he knows about this kind of stuff.

Unfortunately all you can do with the nhs is keep going back to different gps and asking for referrals to different specialists. Youre entitled to a second opinion anyway. How about emailing your test results to a private endo and asking him/her what they think unofficially. You never know they might give you some free advice.

Thanks for your advice.  Have sent a message to Hypo-is-here with test results.  Hopefully he'll be able to give me some feedback.


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