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Scar tissue behindr my left nipple

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Scar tissue behindr my left nipple
« on: June 02, 2013, 08:50:30 AM »
I had a gynecomasita surgery in 2011 but after it done my both chest got flat after few days later it became again puffy and after i went to see doctor he prescribed me some tablets and my left side of chest got fully recovered but my right side got recovered somewhat but there's something under my nipple that troubling me.now it has been 2 years since the surgery done but it's still there.after went to see my doctor he said both side are perfectly healed and nothing to worry about.but still i can feel something inside my chest and it makes my left side nipple puffy.even i still can't wear a t shirt coz left side that abnormal look is seen through the t shirt.i started to lift weight coz of this problems i do bench presses but that thing is still there and it becomes more embarrassing when the muscle built underneath.i'm 5'7 and body weight 120lbs.not fat, :-[ i have a perfect figure after working out for years except the chest.and i was thinking to a have supplement called animal cuts that it flushes away the water in my body and it can shrink my skin or help me somewhat to get rid of this look.so i'm gonna follow a cutting schedule on my chest. please can you tell me that working out can help me to get rid of this matter ? I'm in a mess.even massaging won't help it seems.

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Re: Scar tissue behindr my left nipple
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2013, 09:40:18 AM »
I think you should get an opinion from another surgeon and if there is an issue maybe go back to your original surgeon, it is hard to tell without any pics but sounds like there may be an underlying issue. From my experience I couldn't shift my Gyne with any amount of exercise.

Good luck.

(if it will help check out my pre & post op picture diary at www GynecomastiaUK.org)

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