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Questions to those who were approved my Medical Insurance treatment for Gyne

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How did you go about your situation with your medical insurance?
I'm nowhere near able to afford surgery for my gyne  :'(

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=17095.0

Is your insurance company is not supporting you to do with this surgery.
If yes then you can sue for your right.
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In many cases, you have an appeal process written into the policy.

Your first course of action would be to get a consultation with a surgeon and have the surgeon contact the insuror for coverage.

In all probability, the surgery will not be covered. You will then need to follow the appeal process. The best approach seems to be to consult with a Psychologist for Depression. This should be covered in most policies. and try to get the apsychologist to recommend surgery as a means of treating your depression.

If you go through the entire appeal process without success, only then would you be allowed to sue the company for coverage.  In some policies you are specifically bound to use the appeal process and to go into arbitration if you lose the appeal. The statement binding yuou to the arbitration is usually individually initialed or signed, and witnessed, when the policy is issued. The insurance company may even have documents as part of the policy in which you or the buyer of the policy waived the right to sue the company.

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First, check your policy documents to see if it's even possible. Many large insurers (mine included) explicitly state that they do not cover gynecomastia surgery. There's no appealing that.