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Paranoid 19 year old losing sleep (cancer?)

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Paranoid 19 year old losing sleep (cancer?)
« on: November 28, 2006, 08:51:40 AM »

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Re: Paranoid 19 year old losing sleep (cancer?)
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A) Breast cancer is highly improbable just based upon statistics with less than 1% of gynecomastia cases being breast cancer and breast cancer accounting for less than 1% of all male cancers.

B) If you post your pictures people will give you an honest opinion as to the nature of what you describe and a picture paints a thousand words as they say.

C) Ultrasound is a VERY poor diagnostic tool when it comes to male breast development.  Unless the gynecomastia is similar to female breast development and large it will not be picked up on ultrasound, even large diffuse gynecomastia will often not be picked up.  Most top plastic surgeons who deal with gynecomastia on a daily basis do not even bother with ultrasound given how useless it is.  I have known countless men who have been told that they do not have glandular gynecomastia because nothing was picked up on an ultrasound when that is exactly what they have.  I was told I did not have glandular gynecomastia following an ultrasound and that is despite the fact that my gynecomastia had a hormonal cause and despite the fact that my consultant breast surgeon removed what she described as significant diffuse glandular gynecomastia.

D) A top surgeon on this site Dr Bermant has stated many times that he does not know 100% what the composition of gynecomastia is until he has opened up the chest and has removed it/has it in his hand and he does these surgeries every day.

E) Even if you don't have glandular gynecomastia, if you have something resembling a female breast then you still have a form of gynecomastia called pseudogynecomastia and it would still require an operation to remove it- unless you can live with the situation.

F) If it looks like a breast- it is a breast!

At least it is if it looks like one to most people and is not just seen as such by you (that would be body dysmophic disorder- BDD).

Post your pictures and get more opinions- you’re in the right place when it comes to evaluating this situation and getting a objective lay persons opinion.


Take a look in the photo section and see what differing types of gynecomastia there are and what people have to say about it.

Re: Paranoid 19 year old losing sleep (cancer?)
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Re: Paranoid 19 year old losing sleep (cancer?)
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