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My Struggle with Gynecomastia.

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My Struggle with Gynecomastia.
« on: August 25, 2015, 12:13:21 PM »
So I've read a lot of other stories that people have posted about Gyno so I thought I would post my own.

To get it out the way, my gyno is purely from puberty. I do work out but not on the scale where I would use steroid's and would likely cause Gynecomastia. I first properly noticed that I had gyno in 2010 (aged 14) when I went on a family holiday. I visibly remember putting on a vest and noticing that I had puffy nipples that were visible through my vest. While I was on holiday I remember one boy that I met said to me "oh you've got boobs", this is what first started my deep self consciousness and depression towards this chest problem that I knew i had. I remember after the holiday my mum took me to the doctor where he said that I was just due to puberty and that it would soon disappear after a few months 5 year's on and it's still here so obviously it didn't go away. As I'm sure anyone else has done, I starting taking precaution's to hide it such as wearing a t-shirt under my school shirt so that when we changed for P.E I wouldn't have to take my shirt off and show everyone and set my self up for ridicule. This caused me to smell due to keeping my t-shirt on so that I didn't have to take my top off which was another reason to be self conscious due to my smell. I basically had to deal with this for 4 years in school. It wasn't until a few month's ago when I started researching it and finally found out  that it was a problem caused by enlarged mammary gland's due to unbalanced hormones. This caused me to go to the doctor again but with knowledge this time. I told the doctor that it was Gynecomastia and the first Doctor I saw was a lady doctor who lay me down on the doctor's bed and told me to remove my t-shirt. After inspecting my chest she told me that I was just fat. I immediately thought bull****. I phoned for another doctor who was apparently the best there after consulting with my mum and dad. I told him that I knew that it was Gynecomastia he quickly agreed and told me that there was nothing medicine wise that he could give me for it. He told me that he would refer me to a surgeon. After waiting for a few months I received a letter from the NHS telling me that I am to go for a consultation on the 16th September 2015 with Mr Monzir Osman who is a breast surgeon with the NHS. 

I shall update this thread after my appointment and let everyone know what is happening and if surgery goes ahead.

I finally feel that the end of this Gynecomastia nightmare is in sight and my self consciousness can finally ease and i can do all the things that gyno has prevented me doing such as swimming, going to the beach etc.

I shall keep everyone updated.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=31095.0

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