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Hey guys, Im new

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Hey guys, Im new
« on: November 24, 2008, 09:43:04 AM »
Hey guys. Im new here and wanted to let you guys know about my problem and see if I can have any advice. Ive had boobs since I was 12, Im now 19 (20 in a few months). Its taken me years to even talk about my problem let alone go to the doctor to sort it out. Anyway, 3 weeks ago I went to the doctor and she said they were enlarged and sent me for a blood test. Last week I had my results and she said my estrogen levels were high, hence the boobs. Ive now been referred to a consultant. I live in the UK and was wondering what the procedure is with the consultant, what things he/she may ask or do. Im in university and cant afford private treatment but I have read good and bad stories about the NHS. I dont want to go and just been sent away with medicatio nIve read and heard about that doesnt really get rid of the problem, surgery is the only option for me. You guys all know how much this condition brings you down. You cant really live a normal life, constantly wearing thick layers, dark clothing, I always fold my arms to hide them. The biggest killer for me is, I was a very strong swimmer at a young age, I had a chance to go national level but quit because of my boobs and havent been in a pool since, it kills me. I also turned down a position as a special constable for the police service because I was told I would have to share showers and changing rooms with others. This really is getting to me now, I even find it hard to get on the train to get to uni because I know alot of people will be there. Its pretty much ruining my life. Im not a nasty, arrogant person and I dont want to in to see the consultant with that manner when I say that surgery is what I want, how can I bring the topic up?

thanks guys!

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Re: Hey guys, Im new
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Since the hormone levels were off, I'll presume that the consultant will prove to be an Endocrinologist.

You probably will be prescribed some medications and some additional lab tests as well. Surgery is most likely in your future, but be patient and wait until your hormones are well stabilized first.

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