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Had surgery last week......

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Had surgery last week......
« on: December 17, 2007, 12:15:23 PM »
Hi, new to the forum, first post  :)

Had surgery last week, incision under both nipples.  General anesthetic by IV and also local anesthetic in my chest area.  Stitches are self absorbing and I have no drains.  After surgery my chest was bandaged and wrapped up in a tensor.

I was instructed to keep the tensor on for 48 hours and not to get the area wet.  After 48 hours I could remove the tensor and bandages to shower and clean with warm water and soap, apply polysporin to the area with new bandages and re-wrap in a tensor.  I'm supposed to follow this routine for 2 weeks.

Today is day six post-op.  Visually the results are starting to look good.  My chest looks flatter than it was and my nipples seem a bit higher up.  I seem to be holding quite a bit of fluid in my left side.  Its a bit puffy and I can hear it sloshing around a bit when I massage my upper chest.  Also, I am expriencing a bit of numbness in both sides but mostly on the left where I have the fluid buildup.  I also have a bit of bruising on both sides and nipples are a bit puffy and numb.

Is this all normal 6 days post op?  Should I be concerened about the fluid? 

My PS has asked me to book a follow up apointment in 4-5 weeks.

Thanks in advance for any input, i really appreciate it.

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Re: Had surgery last week......
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2007, 12:39:08 PM »
 i haven't under gone surgery yet but..from many posts in the forum i think what u r experiencing is quite normal after the surgery.

if u are more worried than call up ur doc and tell him ur concern


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Re: Had surgery last week......
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I concur with the above poster...if it is something you are concerned about, give your doctor a call.

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