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Gland excision without additional liposuction on a chest that have some fat too?

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This is more for the doctors, or should i say for the doctor because rarely posts someone else besides Dr Jacobs.

So can just the gland be excised without additional liposuction on a man that its not totally lean and has some fat on the chest or this could leave the person with deformities?


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=33031.0

I was asking this because the best outcomes i seen its on the poeple who had just gland excision and no lipo.

Many people after liposuction get uneven or when flex their muscles they look terribly bad and with deformities in the places they had lipo.

This video for an example: https://youtu.be/ueqfy2R9z8o?t=1m5s

When he is flexing he looks unacceptable, all that scar tissue that dosent compress like fat its showing up when he flexes.

Was this a cosmetic surgery, i ask my self!?

I occasionally get patients who just want gland excision without lipo -- thinking their chest looks just great but needs just a little bit of "fine tuning."  When I examine these men and show them the actual amount of excess tissue, they often change their minds.  If a guy insists on doing just that little amount, I tell him to find another surgeon because it is extremely difficult to sculpt a chest by simply removing a little bit of tissue under the areolas -- one is most apt to end up with a crater deformity.  I have, in fact, operated on some guys after they saw me, went to another surgeon, and then returned to me for a revision.

Wouldn't it be better to get it done right the first time? 

Dr Jacobs
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Thanks for your reply! I see, well yes, it would be better to get it done right the first time but liposuction seems so invasive to me and i see people left with wavy deformities in the places where the lipo was made, possibly scar tissue.

Im doing so much research and im so afraid not to exchange something i dont like for something i will hate it too and to loose my life time savings. 

I liked Dr Bermant's vids where he says that he targeted the gland first then he used to do some minor lipo from the openings from the gland excision and after that he used fat flaps to bring some fat under the niple where the gland were. 
This way maybe he could avoid formation of scar tissue? using fat flaps to cover the place where the gland was?

I am constantly amazed that folks are afraid of "invasive" surgery.  Well, the truth is that anytime the surgeon is under the skin, it is invasive.  If you are not under the skin, then you are not having surgery.  Bottom line -- it is only terminology -- get over it.

As for waviness after lipo -- that has to do with the technique and expertise of the surgeon -- don't blame liposuction.  It's like blaming cars when someone is hurt in an accident -- it's not the car's fault but rather the driver!

As for the late Dr Bermant, I am familiar with his techniques.  And has been stated by me and my colleagues on this forum, what counts is the final result, not the means by which it was achieved.  I tend to be aggressive because my patients demand a finely chiseled and sculpted chest.  I do aggressive lipo first to shape the majority of the chest and then gland excision to remove the breast tissue directly under and surrounding the areola.  And I perform fat flaps on virtually all my patients to make sure there are no contour irregularities (craters, etc) after surgery.

Does scar tissue form?  Yes, the body always heals with scar tissue.  Do I get scar tissue under the areolas post op?  Yes, but not too often -- and then kenalog handles it.

Dr Jacobs

Thanks Doc for your input. Im so sorry that im far away from NY, i would pay you a visit for a consultation.

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