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First consultation today - feedback?

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First consultation today - feedback?
« on: June 13, 2011, 12:33:34 PM »
So I went in for my very first consult with a PS this morning. He's very nice, and everything sounded good.
He uses a sharp cutting cannula like many other doctors. While it is not the standard from what I read, apparently it is pretty effective. (otherwise why would he continue using that method)

The fee is 5000 for gynecomastia, but my lower torso stores way more fat than the rest of my body so while I'm under I'm considering some lipo which he quoted 3500 for lower abdomen and flanks. Overall this would make me a much more confident person.

The 1 problem I had with my visit was that he had no photos to show me. He has like 4 online, small, two angle photos. But none would he show me in the office. He said he doesn't typically take after photos, only before to use as a reference on followup appointments.
I was disturbed that he had no photos to offer, but he has a good reputation from what I read. Even another surgeon said he know him well and spoke highly of him. But no photos makes me feel eh.

I'm still on the fence about the sharp lipo-only approach, but he spoke highly of his method and I'd think if it was not successful he wouldn't use it.

I asked about revisions and he said he does them free, minus the anesthesia fee. As long as it's within reason. We discussed what is reasonable and what is not. However, on the paper with his quote on it, at the bottom it said further surgery is billed to insurance and whatever they don't pay I'm responsible for, so I'll have to clear that up with him and if I move forward see it in writing.

I really feel good about him, but having a hard time swallowing the no photos situation. Advice? Thoughts on sharp cannulas?

I'm in Dallas, so if anyone has any doctor suggestions I'm ALL EARS. I have 2 more appointments scheduled with other doctors, and have another I'm in touch with.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=23469.0

Re: First consultation today - feedback?
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 06:15:05 AM »
Yeah having  no photos to show you really sounds sketchy. How many times does he do the procedure a year? He might be a really good plastic surgeon but might not be that experienced with doing the procedure. As far as not doing it that many times a year, which is something you don't want. As for the cannulas, no problem with that. Lipo alone will not remove the actual excess breast gland, with the cannulas they might be able to remove some  but it's no gurantee. Excision is the only way to do that, it just depends on your case. I've read alot of stories of people who only got the lipo and they really regretted it.

Re: First consultation today - feedback?
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2011, 11:45:31 AM »
Some doctors do lipo only, but don't use a special cannula designed to cut through glandular tissue. Most cannulas for lipo have a blunt tip and don't break through the tissue very well, apparently his design specifically for gynecomastia does the trick.
Problem is- where are the photos??

He is a very well respected surgeon, I've asked another doctor about him and he spoke highly of him. He does about 25 gyne surgeries a year, he says.

I also found that he spoke at a plastic surgeon workshop in front of many other surgeons earlier this year about his gynecomastia technique- or liposuction treatment of gynecomastia. I did a lot of research and only found one negative thing, but it could have been as simple as not following the doctors orders, or unreasonable expectations.

He is not new to plastic surgery, been in practice for about 30 years, and was the first- or one of the first, to ever perform liposuction in Dallas. He has lots of experience under his belt.

I'm just having a tough time understanding why a plastic surgeon wouldn't have before and after photos in the office to show potential patients. It's like going to a photographer or artist- wanting to hire him/her for a few grand- but the artist has no portfolio except a few small photos online.

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