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Excision only surgery results?

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Excision only surgery results?
« on: February 09, 2016, 05:03:34 AM »
Hi Everyone.
I have just been put on the waiting list for excision only surgery through the public system. I am told lipo is not an option because it is public surgery.
I am having the surgery because i have pain in my breast behind the nipples due to the gyno, not purely cosmetic reasons. I am a little overweight 6'2 and 98 KGs. I am sure lipo is the best way to get a natural look but as its not what im getting, I was wondering if anyone with some extra fat has had excision only surgery? And do they have any pics of their results that i can see? Im having trouble finding excision only surgery photos for people who are a bit overweight.
Long term i am commited to losing some weight for a hopefully good result.
Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Excision only surgery results?
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Unfortunately, there is a perception that liposuction is purely cosmetic.  And insurance companies call anything that involves liposuction as cosmetic and "investigational."  The problem is that liposuction has been with us now for over 34 years -- it is now now longer new or investigational.  And lipo itself has evolved so that it serves as a surgical instrument, much like a scissor or a scalpel.  In fact, it is a very important adjunct in many operations.

Fast forward to your predicament.  You are contemplating surgery with excision only and without lipo solely because it is public surgery.  The fact is that lipo is an integral part of gyne surgery.  It is used not only to smooth out the contours of the chest but also to help re-distribute the skin after excision.  Without its use, you stand a good chance of having a crater deformity after surgery.  And then you will have to search for a doctor to perform revision surgery -- at additional cost.  And revision surgery is never quite as good as a properly performed initial surgery.

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