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Excess skin post-gyno

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Excess skin post-gyno
« on: February 10, 2005, 06:27:49 PM »
Hi everyone,
I had gyno surgery last september. Now after several months of healing, there is excess skin, which gives the left side of my chest a sagging appearance--especially the far left, near the armpit. (The right side looks very good.) It seems that this sagging results from an excess of skin in the armpit. Does anyone know if this can be corrected by a revision? Possibly a skin tightening procedure, perhaps in the armpit? Any experiences or specific information?
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Re: Excess skin post-gyno
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2005, 11:08:08 PM »
I do not usually respond to questions regarding surgery because I'm an old man and living with mine.

That said,

A lot depends upon your age and the elasticity of your skin.  The window of opportunity for this to self resolve becomes more closed with the passage of time. I suspect it is time to re-visit the surgeon and/or get a second opinion.
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Re: Excess skin post-gyno
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2005, 02:23:20 PM »
Thanks Paa Paw,
It appears that my skin is not very elastic. I can tell that the gyno surgeon did an excellent job; however, skin excess gives the entire area the look of a popped balloon. (It also feels quite strange.)
I've scheduled a revision surgery, during which the doctor will raise the nipple. It seems that more would need to be done to achieve a satisfactory result.
My question, perhaps to the good Doc: is there a skin tightening procedure that can be done in the armpit, that might improve sagging skin? If so, how would it work?


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