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so if the doc only needs to use lipo then its pseudo, and if the doc need to make an incision its real gynecomastia??

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Re: Difference??
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Yep, problem is (they say) real gyno can only be cut out and not lypo'd. Be sure he makes the right decision.


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Re: Difference??
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don't think that's right.  true gyne is either softer, which can be lipo'd, or tougher/denser (what gets called gland, though all gyne is gland) where it's not expanded out, requiring excision.  that's where its early stages are described as like a coin or ring.  a doc can correct me, but pseudo is i believe where it's not an actual formation of the gland tissue but just fat in enough volume to look like gyne.  maybe pseudo can be lost with weight, unless it's distorted enough with time. 
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Re: Difference??
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"Pseudo gyne" is a medical term which purports to differentiate between "real" gyne and just fat accumulation on the chest.  In the real world, every man has some degree of breast tissue (that is normal) and some amount of fat.  So what we are talking about is a ratio of fat to breast tissue.  Thus, at least to me, the term "pseudo gyne" is a misnomer.  Any accumulation of excess tissue on a man's chest should be termed gynecomastia.  Just remember what the name "gynecomastia" refers to -- it is Greek for "female breast" on a man.  It doesn't talk about how much breast tissue or how much fat there is.

What bothers most guys is the accumulation of any tissue on their chest -- it is truly not important, and really a fool's errand, to try to decide how much gland and how much fat is there.  The surgery, if done properly, will remove all the excess tissue, whatever that tissue may be.

In point of fact, I have tried many times to guess prior to surgery about ratio of gland to fat.  Firmness is misleading -- you can have firm fat and soft gland.  And at least for me, I try lipo first in every case.  If that doesn't succeed, then I will proceed to excise through a peri-areolar incision.  That is a game time decision.  What counts is the final results:  a smooth, flat, contoured chest with a thin and uniform remaining pinch of skin and fat, from the collar bone down to the lower rib cage (including the nipples).  It is only when I have achieved that result that I will take off my gloves and leave the operating room.

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