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changing breast size - is this gynecomastia?

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changing breast size - is this gynecomastia?
« on: January 06, 2013, 08:29:38 AM »
I have had gynecomastia - or slightly enlarged breasts - at least since I was 10, and maybe even before - I don't remember. I am 26 now.

I have also been a bit overweight (3-4 kg, perhaps; and my waist measures 34 or so, but for my frame, a slim waist would mean 32 or less), at least since I was 10 years old.

I have been wondering if this is a condition that may go away if I lose weight, or if I work on my chest muscles? I cannot afford surgery.

I ask this because the shape of my 'breasts' changes, and they become smaller, stiffer, looking more like a well-sculpted body builder's chest than female breasts. But they still don't look like regular man's breasts.

This usually happens if it is cold and I take off my clothes, or I get into cold water, or if I am exercising. When I am back to rest, or in warm weather, my 'breasts' start looking slightly enlarged again.

Why does this happen?

Does the fact that this happens mean that this is an issue of fat / muscles, rather than enlarged mammary glands?

Since I have had this before puberty, does that also mean that it is not gynecomastia, because apparently this condition begins in puberty?

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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Re: changing breast size - is this gynecomastia?
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2013, 02:07:49 PM »
 It sounds like you have actual glandular gyno, but without going to a doctor there would be no way of knowing.

I had the classic puffy nipples gyno and had hard lumps underneath each nipple.  I experienced the same thing that you do:  When I was cold and my nipples were "hard" they looked absolutely normal.

I really don't know the scientific reason why this happens, but it does not mean that you won't need surgery.

I would highly suggest getting to a healthy weight and working out your chest muscles.  This will most definitely improve the look of your chest, but not fix the problem.  Unfortunately surgery is the only true fix. 

It sounds like you would maybe need a combination of gland excision and lipo since you mentioned having more of a breast-like appearance.  Whereas for someone like me who just had puffy nipples but extra fat in the breast area, gland excision was sufficient enough to remove the problem.

Good luck!

Re: changing breast size - is this gynecomastia?
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Your breasts (particularly the nipples) will change in response to stimulation, emotion, temperature, etc.  It doesn't change the underlying tissue structure -- it is only the skin which temporarily tightens.

One absolutely cannot make any determinations of presence of gland vs fat by look (or even feeling) one's gyne.  Even an experienced surgeon can only make an educated guess.

Since you have a long history of excess tissue and you are only a few kg over your ideal weight, it would seem that additional weight loss would not substantially change your chest contours.  Best to have a consult with an experienced gyne surgeon to set you on the right path.

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Re: changing breast size - is this gynecomastia?
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Thank you :)

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