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"Bilateral Gynecomastia Treatment including a Skin Excision with Liposuction"

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So, I basically got my quote from the PS I visited last week, and the cost seems reasonable so I am willing to call in and schedule an appointment for my surgery! :) But before I do that, I want to see what some people think of my condition and whether or not you agree with this PS's decision.

First off, when I went to see the PS for the first time, he never brought up gland excision even though I told him I believe I have breast tissue with fat, but he told me that my lumps are indeed fat and that if I had breast glands they would be much harder. After he told me that I thought about it and looked back at the posts people have made here on this forum about glandular tissue. When I grab my "boobs" I do feel "lumps" but they are very soft and I really can't get a hold of them, they just seem to slide away.

So I get my quote and in it, it specifically outlines that the procedure will be a "Bilateral Gynecomastia Treatment including a Skin Excision with Liposuction". The skin excision is better known to the people of this board as the donut treatment, and after you look at my pictures you will probably agree with the PS's decision of adding that into the operation.

Now my big question is, will liposuction and the donut treatment be enough to fully fix my gyno and leave little need to ever have a second operation?

I am 18 y/o, 180 lbs, very athletic, and have very noticable pectoral muscles. When I flex my pecs, what happens is it seems that a bag of fat and loose skin hangs from the bottom of it. I've had my share of injuries and my recovery time is above average, so I am hoping that it will also help the effects of this surgery.

Included below are some pictures I recently took. If anyone needs more pictures for a better analysis, feel free to ask and I will post them up.

And again, thanks for reading and thanks x 2 if you reply with a helpful comment :)


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=11042.0

Try losing some weight beforeā€¦ Surgery is will be the finishing touch, but you would be surprised what you would look like after losing some weight. Do they excise glandular tissue using the doughnut technique?   Good luck!!! 

I've actually gone down to 165, but I've gained weight due to working out at the gym. I've been using creatine and protein and they have been giving amazing results! But the gyno was always this bad, even when I was at 165. I'm 5' 11" btw.