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Andractim and or anything else?

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Andractim and or anything else?
« on: April 01, 2005, 12:06:32 PM »
hey guys im new to this site.  I was wondering i have had a small case of gyne since i was about 13.  i was never fat nor really cared about it till i was about 16.  when i started woring out and i always was looking at these puffy nipple.  no from pics iv seen my case is very small.  i wanted to know if there anything i could do to make it go away with out surgery.  because it a small case o thought i might be able to get away with no surgery.  I went to my family doc today.  he says not to worry about it and that he didnt even notice it.  thats cause it was cold in there when im cold i cant notice it.  anyway anything u think i could take and how to get it would be awesome

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Re: Andractim and or anything else?
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2005, 01:18:17 PM »
Let us judge. Post some pictures of your chest. Side pics are very helpful. Make sure you nips are not cold in the pics.

There are many people on this site who have used Andractim. NONE have before and after photos showing results. There are one set of pictures where the guy went through 2 tubes (over $200) worth of Andractim and his gyne looks exactly the same.  In my opinion, its not worth risking your health to use Andractim or any other simular product. Prescriptions are prescriptions for a reason.  They are not safe to use, unless a physician determinds so. If Andractim would work for your case, your Doctor would of prescribed it to you.  
Your case may resolve itself on its own. The best thing to do is wait until you are 18. If things are still the same and it still bothers you, get the surgery. Its a very minor procedure. I wouldnt even call it surgery.

Hang in there.

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Re: Andractim and or anything else?
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2005, 03:15:27 PM »
k i should have posted this before but i am 19 now and i remem i went to the doc when i was 13 and said wtf is up with my nips and he said yah hormones and all that.  it should go away in a few yrs or so so i waited and waited and nothing same as before. so i dunno i live in canada so i have to figure out wut i should do. ill try to put some pics up on the thread tomorrow.
thx for ur input.

Re: Andractim and or anything else?
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2005, 02:49:21 PM »
how can i get the pics to work on here?


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