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3 questions

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3 questions
« on: September 07, 2010, 02:16:48 AM »
If gyne surgery removes tissue, is it possible to get gyne again, if u took hairloss meds or something? i've heard that with fat the cells just get bigger, there isnt actually more of them.  Is this how it is with the gland? or do they increase in numbers?

Where are the drains located? is the tube just a tube that goes into the surgery site like between the nipple and armpit?
What are compression vests for? just for swelling control or does it somehow prevent the gyne from coming back?? what would happen if a patient didnt wear a compression vest? would the gyne come back?

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Re: 3 questions
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The glandular tissue is not entirely removed, nor can it be without leaving a crater.

Regrowth is not common, but it can happen if the remaining tissue is stimulated to grow. This could occur as a result of any condition which would alter your hormone levels.
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Re: 3 questions
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2010, 10:41:47 AM »
Re-growth after gyne surgery is extremely uncommon.  However, if you take some medications which have gyne as a side effect, or if you should take anabolic steroids, then all bets are off.  Surgery has to be done properly -- to remove enough to provide you with a flat and contoured chest -- but not remove too much to result in uneven contours or a crater deformity.  This requires a surgeon who is very experienced in gyne surgery.

As for drains -- the use of drains and their location is a very individual decision made by the surgeon at the time of surgery.  I very very rarely use drains at all.  Some other surgeons use them routinely.  Both ways can work. This is something that you should discuss with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Compression garments are absolutely necessary to prevent post-op oozing and swelling.  It actually hastens the healing process and can diminish some of the discomfort after surgery.  It can also play a role in diminishing any potential scar tissue formation.  It does not play a role in re-growth of breast tissue, although as I stated previously, this is extremely rare after gyne surgery.

Gyne surgery is elective surgery.  Do not  rush into it.  Research your surgeon carefully -- the first operation is your best chance for a good result!

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