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My case of fat and a hormone imbalance

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My case of fat and a hormone imbalance
« on: December 08, 2018, 06:57:26 PM »
This is detailed so it’s going to be a bit of a read. When I hit middle school I started to get chubby and the weight went on to my chest and backside not much in my stomach. I was like “curvy chubby” and it wasn’t until my own mother made a comment to me that inspired me to see a doctor. “Your boobs are bigger than mine” she didn’t mean to be toxic but I guess she wanted to motivate me to diet. Going to the doctor was BRUTAL! He was an older very tall slender doctor who was brutally honest to me about my weight. Like I wasn’t fat but I had almost a C cup with like alittle belly and a big backside. He had me take everything off but my undies and cupped my breasts like I do to my females nowadays! I had to get whole male physical the entire time without my shirt on. He told me to diet and lose weight and told me “Your breasts being this large is an indication of your hormones unbalanced and I will be sending your blood to have your levels tested.” He brought my mother aside and when they came back my mother looked upset. She began researching things to hide my breasts and began forcing me to diet. Come to find out my estrogen levels were off the charts. This was only the beginning for me and my breasts.

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Re: My case of fat and a hormone imbalance
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Your story is incomplete -- but at the age you describe (middle school, early puberty) the growth of breasts is not unusual.  What is unusual is to have very high estrogens.  Did you have any chromosomal analysis to rule out Klinefelter's Sydrome (which is XXY)?

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Re: My case of fat and a hormone imbalance
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I never had gotten the results of the “test” he was conducting. I did research the kleinfelter syndrome but I have quite the opposite in the genetalia department and muscle department. I’m very strong and always excelled at sports but my fat distribution goes to my chest and buttocks and it’s quite noticeable.

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