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Was at the gym earlier today, and was sitting in the sauna relaxing when a friend of mine came in that I haven't seen in probably a year or so. Didn't know he went to this gym and we were talking catching up about things. After about 15 minutes he just looked over and said "not trying to be weird, but dude, when did you get breasts" i'm only a large maybe too large of an a cup, but i just said maybe a year ago they began growing, been to a couple doctors and they can't figure it out, calling it idiopathic. He said again "hope i didn't offend, i know dudes get boobs but you're far from fat and not close to old so just kinda threw me off seeing it" i said no worries when they began growing i hated it but over time i got used to it and quit giving a f and figured long as i stay healthy and they ain't due to cancer or some other tumor or hurtful reason then f it. Went back to talking about the bears and other sports and life stuff but it was a moment i didn't expect, to be called out on having growth and or being so nonchalant about it. 
I did ask before leaving why he decided to comment on it as he mentioned guys have moobs and such. He just said "like i said you're not fat or old and dudes with boobs typically just look like flat fat, yours are definitely shaped like small breasts" i just laughed and played it off but it did make me feel a bit conscious about the recent growth spurt

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Re: Gym
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I am 81 years old,almost a full B and no one has ever said anything like that to me. 
First of all, he is not your friend.  And I do not know what kind of pervert takes that much interest in the breasts of another man.
When the weather is milder and people are dressed in lighter weight clothing; Stop at the food court of your nearest Mall and get something to eat and while there simply sit and look at the men strolling by.   You will quickly realize that this condition, while embarrassing, is much more common than you thought.  
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Re: Gym
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Hi , I have had a negative remark years ago when I was growing and I was not offended as I gave back a stern remark. it went like this , I had my shirt off one day while we were tearing down a wall at work and one of the guys said hey what the hell you big titted darn, I then replied well iguess you are just upset mine are bigger than your wifes.that shut him up.During school I had some gropes but not too much.Now in the locker room at my job I am not the only one with boobs and by no means the biggest, still cant wear a bra to work as it would draw too much attention I have to wear scrubs.They do not hide anything in the chest area when you bend over!


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Re: Gym
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Since high school I have never placed myself in a position to be in public without a shirt, I avoided attracting comments as much as possible.

The visible bra strap imprints would also not help anyway.