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Thinking of going to Poland for gyno surgery any info,stories much appreciated

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Hi I'm new to this and looking for any info any1 can give me on -- in Poland. I have read lots of stories all good from these threads,can any1 tell me how you can look up the qualifications for plastic surgeons, I have suffered with gyno for a number of years and have been researching surgery for a number of months, initially I was going to go for Ireland where I'm from or uk but the prices are much too expensive and am seriously thinking of Poland for my gynocomastia surgery by the end of the summer if possible,would you have to stay the full 6 days after surgery all going well?Appreciate any info going  and before and after pictures from people with recent cases and old to put my mind at ease with going abroad for the surgery, thanks

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=25917.0

Ciaran there are plenty of reports on this forum if you have a flick through.

Also worth emailing Jeremy to get the full information.

Have you got an email address for him I'm not sure if I have the right 1 ? Have you got the surgery done if you have can you tell me a lil abou your experience? I have read through a lot of the threads bu would like to talk to people for myself about what they have experienced, cheers

Thanks for the reply I have emailed him to get the ball rolling.do you know where to look up the qualifications of the surgeons?

Sorry no I don't know where to find that sort of info.

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