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My Surgery Review (Dr Adam Kalecinski - Wroclaw, Poland)

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My Surgery Review (Dr Adam Kalecinski - Wroclaw, Poland)
« on: December 21, 2010, 06:47:58 PM »
Hi All,

I've been a lurker on these forums for a long time, never posted though as I have always been browsing. I have had Gyno for several years now and since I dropped from approx 11 stone (154lbs) to 10 stone (140lbs) it has gotten worse .. mainly owing to the fact that the glandular tissue is a lot more prominent as you lose fat!

I've done a little write up of my experience and tried to split it up as I waffle on loads and will bore you to death otherwise!


Anyway, past couple of years I have gotten really concious and a few holidays in the sun kinda topped it of for me where I decided that I need to get it looked at asap. My Gyno is not 'that bad' ... it mainly shows when my nipples are warm; usually out on the beach, or in the office at work; anywhere where the body temp usually gets a bit warmer and my chest starts to look that little bit more feminine.

The left side was slightly larger than the right and if pressing down on the left nipple it felt sore compared to the right. At first I tried to go to my doctor, but for a good two years I got fobbed off and the best advice they gave was to talke some nurofen (ibpurofen) which was pretty useless.

I have looked at different surgeons for a long time and have had a consultation in the UK. Prices in UK are just a complete rip off for the procedure and without getting a loan I could not afford it. The very first one I came accross in Poland was Dr Adam Kalecinski; I found his website about three years ago when I very first started looking. (It's that green nasty one). I did a lot of reading but never bit the bullet. More recently I have been hearing reviews about -- (Katarzyna Ostrowska-Clark, Szczecin, Poland) and after reading I was almost sold on getting it done.

Before I did; I dropped them both an email to see what the procedures were like; the cost, travel and convenience. Without going in to a Pro's and Con's of each (although if you do want to know my full reasons, just ask and i'll post at another time) I decided to go with Dr Adam as one thing that really stood out was that he was a member of the British Medical Council and has been for years. I looked up the reference, still registered and I figured if it was going to be a butchery job he would have been struck off by now!

I also got better responses with regards to the pictures I sent from Dr Adam over Katarzyna and I think sometimes that gut feeling you just need to stick with it!

Making Arrangements

I also found some old emails from a few years back which had some before and after pictures, which again reassured me a little bit. I liaised with Magdalena Herman throughout the process and we were exchanging emails on a daily basis; before I knew it I had several dates offered to me in the time-slot I wanted and I booked in for Tuesday 14th of December.

Madga found all my flights for me and even recommended some different dates where it would be cheaper (for flights) but @ £117 on Ryan Air, I thought it was good enough to Fly out on 13th and Return on 24th. I decided I would just take a laptop and spend the extra days resting whilst watching some DVD's.

She also gave me three hotel recommendations (and subsequently made the reservation for me). As well as arranging my Travel with the Taxi driver Chris (I had seen this name mentioned when I first saw Dr Adam's website three years ago and it was a good reassurance that things were still going smoothly!)
I had to fill in some forms about my personal health/current medication and a questionnaire for the anaesthestist

6 weeks came around very quickly and I needed to take some blood tests with me. I contacted my Doctor who was very unhelpful and Bupa could only fit me in on 20th December for £150!

I contacted Magdalena and she arranged some blood tests for me on the Monday I would arrive in Poland.

With everything in place it was happy days!

Flying Out

I flew out on Monday 13th, taking the morning flight and arriving in Wroclaw for approx 12:00 (Timezone +1 GMT). Chris was stuck in traffic (bad snow!) but as soon as I had landed I had a voicemal on my phone and a text message from Magdalena; so I called Chris back who advised a different Taxi driver would be collecting me from the Airport. He described him perfectly and as soon as I came out of Arrivals he was there with my name on a plaque.

In to the Taxi and to the hotel took about 20 minutes. Upon arrival I was met by Magdalena (who incidentally also happens to be quite yummy). She checked me in to the Hotel (although it turns out they do speak good English anyway) and waited in the Taxi for me. I dropped off my bags in my room and went to the Taxi.

Magdalena took me to the Blood Test Clinic where she had already made an appointment for me. The place was immaculate; you wouldn't think from the outside and I remember making a comment to Magdalena about how modern the place was but didn't have an electronic ticket board. She said "This is Poland ..." and anyway I went inside and had my blood test done.

There were two nurses and a third in clinical clothes in the room. Absolutely crazy I thought, I get 1 at best when I go to my UK doctor!

I had my blood tests and then Madgalena walked me back to the Hotel (~5 mins), pointing out various shops, Trams and such along the way to familiarise myself with the area. She brought an information pack which had all the contact numbers (I had them already from previous emails) for Her, Chris, The Clinic and Dr Adam - Can't go wrong with that!

It also had a nice map of the location, points where I could go shopping and eating; as well as where to get the Tram from, how many stops to different places and which Tram numbers, as well as some Tram Tickets too :oD

She offered to take me around some other places but I was happy and went back to the Hotel. She advised that Chris would be waiting for me at 09:30 to take me to the Clinic.

That night I ate nothing at all; as 12 hours before you're not supposed to so I thought i'd not risk any food in my gastric system!

Surgery Day

On the day of my Surgery I was up at 8am; had a shave and loooong shower and got changed. I packed my bag as I would be staying in the Clinic. At 09:15 the telephone rang and Chris was outside; so I checked out of the hotel and to the Clinic we went.

The Clinic is based near Magnolia Park (Huge Shopping Centre) and it within a Business Building. First impression was that it was very Modern; it looked brand spanking new and I was quite impressed. Again, better than some UK ones I have been to.

There was a guy who had just had his man boobs removed coming out of a room where the nurses had changed his dressings and there was a woman waiting in the seating area also.

She had her operation (whatever it was) booked for the Afternoon. Mine, I was told would be in the morning. We were the only two people beign treated that day; again assuring to know that there was no 'rush'!

I had a consultation with Dr Adam; where he checked my chest and advised me of his plan for removing the tissue. He said there were a number of options available; but his preferred method would be a spiderweb excision with liposuction. He said he would do the liposuction first, followed by the excision as in some cases it is possible to break down the tissue without having to cut around the nipple.

I was happy with whatever his preferred method was to be honest; I'm hardly an expert! He explained all the risks, the procedure and so forth; after which I had to sign a medical disclaimer form to say I understood it all.

My surgery was booked in for 11am; so after my consultation I paid my cash at reception (Felt a bit wierd; but no different to UK I guess, I could have paid it before hand or by Card) and signed my my form for the anaesthestist.

Surgery Time

I was shown to my room where I had to dress in to the disposable garment. Dr Adam came to make some markings on my chest for where he would be doing the lipo and the excision; followed by some photos.

I was then visited by the anaesthestist who went through my disclaimer form with me, to make sure it was all correct and that I hadn't eaten or drank anything in the last 12 Hours.

I was taken to the operating room and lay on the operating theatre bed. There were two nurses, the anaesthestist and Dr Adam. I had an injection in to my arm and what felt like 2 seconds, I woke up and was back in my room in my bed.

I think in total it took an hour and a half. I woke up with a pressing belt around my chest. I was attached to a drip and I felt nothing; no pain, no discomfort whatsoever.

Picked up my blackberry to send a few messages to my friend and then just lay there! A nurse visited me to check if everything was okay. Throughout the night I was visited pretty much every hour and had one of them emergency bleeper things by my bedside.

In the following hours; I had my drop changed 3 more times; antibiotics and pain killers! I don't think I needed them but wasn't going to say no! I had my dressings changed twice also. The first one had quite a bit of blood and brown liquid in it; the second time there was less blood and no brown liquid.

I was also given some food and a cup of tea (Lipton yellow label tea is amazing FYI, I am converted!). In the morning I woke up and had one final drip of pain killer, followed by breakfast and another amazing brew.

At 9am Dr Adam came to my room with two nurses and the anaesthestist. They took off my pressing belt and everyone had a good look. Everyone was smiling, no bruising at all, no pain, just a little bit of swelling. Dr Adam was very happy with the results and everyone said it looked really good. They were all happy with the results.

I had my dressings changed again and was good to go. I had to come to the clinic again the next morning for a follow-up. I was also given Dr Adam's mobile number and the clinic number again if I had any problems (collecting them for fun now!)

Post Op

I left the clinic and went to the Magnolia Centre. I wanted some greasy food (as you do) and had lots to choose from. Subway, Some Kebab Place, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut all as soon as I entered, as well as some coffee shops etc. I had something to eat and went for a look around; finding myself a Tesco in the process (massive!) so did some shopping and got a taxi home. Cost me a paltry 10 zloty as only 1km from the Hotel.

When I got back to the Hotel the receptionist gave me a European Plug Socket adapter thingy; as I had forgotten to bring one and sent Magdalenda a text the night before to ask if she could tell me where I could get one!

I checked in to my room again and watched some DVDs and ate my purchases from Tesco!

In the morning I went back to the Clinic. There were two peope waiting on this day; one woman and one man. I don't know what the woman was having done, but the man was having the same as myself. So that made 3 Gyno ops in as many days (Dr Adam said he averages about 2-3 a week). I had had my dressings changed again by the nurses. There was only one tiny drop of blood, they said it looked very good again. I then met separately with Dr Adam and he had a look; telling me he was happy with the reults and I should heal quickly.

I asked if I should purchase a Gyno Vest (which they sell in the Clinic separately), but he said it would be a waste of money for me. Instead to wear the pressing belt for at least two more weeks and I should be fine to start very gentle (running) exercise again.

So after that I went to the shopping centre again; had more food, grabbed a coffee and walked around. Went back to hotel; ate food, watched DVD's and the next day went home!

Today is day 7, exactly 1 week post surgery. I took some pictures yesterday (day 6) which when I can find somewhere to upload them to; I will do so along with the before pics.

Overall I am very happy with my surgery, would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting it done.

Cost Summary

Surgery: £1,200 (Lipo + Gland Removal)
Flights: £117 (Both Ways)
Hotel: £75 (3 Nights Hotel, 1 Night in Clinic)
Food + Taxis: £75 (That's 6 Taxi Journeys, including the trip back to the airport and also my three days of food + tesco shopping)



Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=22124.0

Re: My Surgery Review (Dr Adam Kalecinski - Wroclaw, Poland)
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Nice account mate and welcome to the other side.
Just out of curiosity what is a spiderweb excision and was the lipton tea the lemon tea?
Did you find reviews of his Gyne ops on here as I never saw anything about him during my search.
You can link to photobucket or simply reduce the pics to web size to post.
Happy healing mate :)

Re: My Surgery Review (Dr Adam Kalecinski - Wroclaw, Poland)
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2010, 04:14:26 PM »
Nice account mate and welcome to the other side.
Just out of curiosity what is a spiderweb excision and was the lipton tea the lemon tea?
Did you find reviews of his Gyne ops on here as I never saw anything about him during my search.
You can link to photobucket or simply reduce the pics to web size to post.
Happy healing mate :)

Thank you :o)

I *believe* the spiderweb excision is kinda like the way that it is drawn on my pecs/moobs. I had lipo done from the bottom of the pecs and then excision and lipo done above.

The lipton tea was simply lipton yellow label tea. I bought some the other day and it says lipton yellow label: black tea - although tastes good with or without milk :oP Never in my life had black tea before this!

As for the reviews, all the ones on here were for Katarzyna. I read about Dr Adam years ago on some body building forums; only in November when I decided I wanted it doing I sent an email to -- and to abcplastic surgery; I got better responses from Magdalena than Jeremy.

Plus points on Dr Katarzyna was that she only had 1 bed, did an ultra sound and blood tests before the op, but downsides for me were the many post about drains and stitches that would need to be removed by a GP.

Dr Adam uses dissolvable stitches, which made it a lot more convenient. In addition my blood tests were also arranged for me; he also has the ultra sound machine in his clinic (Although wasn't required), I was advised it would be unlikely that I would need drains as not much lipo required and overall just seemed like a lot less effort and hassle. Plus he is registered in the UK and has been going for years.

I have seen some pictures on the UK forums and some of them are absolutely shocking for the £5,000+ people have paid.

Anyways, some before pictures attached. The before pics don't look really bad as they were taken when cold and my gyno wasn't severe but in warm weather and a fitted tshirt on it definitely showed.

Re: My Surgery Review (Dr Adam Kalecinski - Wroclaw, Poland)
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6 Days Post Op
Pic 1-2/4

Re: My Surgery Review (Dr Adam Kalecinski - Wroclaw, Poland)
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6 Days Post Op
Pics 3-4/4

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