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I'm not sure if this is in right section... but my question about hiding is this.. does anyone ever think about bras? I've had my problem since highschool (now 34), and at 1st I was curious about bra's to help. I found it makes my chest feel better. I've worn one ever since (even while in the military). I've been very self conscience all my life about my chest (w/ or w/out bra), but only as far as people seeing me w/out a shirt. I go out and have fun whenever I can and have a normal sexual life. My wife (been w/ for 10yrs now) knows about my chest and bras and is ok w/ it. I wear normal tshirts.. just a little baggy and rarely ever able to see my straps. I've only had to deal w/ a few people in my whole life that bothered me about it, but because of my attitude -doesn't last long  :). Now I know ALOT of people on here will be very self conscience about it too, I'm just curious if I'm the only one on here that deals w/ it like me. I want to try the compression tanktop -but I get hot very easily and don't know how it will be. I am currently overweight so I'm bigger than ever... but even when I was a 36 pants, I still hit a 38b bra (ask a girl lol). Also know some on here will gripe about "your gay" or something -personally I got over the name calling years ago lol. I came to a realization about myself a few years ago dealing w/ this and doing research about it (never knew about all this) so I now am ok w/ wearing my bras (even if is hard to find my size). Anyone else do this?

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Well, it's indeed not the right section. It would be "Gynecomastia Acceptance > Acceptance Garments". Maybe one of the mods can move it.
But to your question: Some of us have accepted their gyne and wear bras. I also do it. But normal bras are not suitable to hide gynecomastia. In fact they emphasize it, especially if you already have large boobs. Nevertheless bras give good support and minimize bouncing.
If you've worn bras in the military haven't you got any comments in the locker rooms?

A bra is just an article of clothing for people with breasts.

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Cant say that I ever really delt w/ a "locker room" situation after bootcamp. But normally just went to bathroom stall or something. I used to be bullied and picked on in highschool so I grew up to be a very strong willed person and not taking gruff from people so didnt really get to much hazing (got a little) but for most part people left me alone.. either that or I just had a good humor and joked about it... it helps :)

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I want to congratulate you on being as well adjusted as you appear to be. Most of the guys here (especially the younger ones), can think of little that would be worse for them than gyne. I'm old now and can assure you that there are things in life that are FAR worse than having gyne, although I wouldn't have thought so when I was young. At that time the thought of wearing a bra would have been incomprehensible.

I am one who wears a bra every day to work for the support and for the comfort. My gyne came on more recently due to hormonal imbalances and testosterone injections, so I didn't grow up with the fear and intimidation that many here seem to experience. Perhaps that why I tend to see a bra as merely a practical solution to the problem. I am quite uncomfortable with my breasts swinging, bouncing, jiggling, rattling, or whatever as I find it distracting and always draws my attention to them. I have found that a bra provides the support i need and allows me to go through most of the day having completely forgotten that i have breasts at all. Another thing that a bra does is make them less "pointy" when my nipples are hard, and therefore make my breasts less noticeable.

Congratulations on being mature enough to understand that you are not your body, and that it is ones character that makes the man. If you have found that wearing a bra makes dealing with your gyne more tolerable, then by all means wear one. I do, as do many others here.


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