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Montrealer going to Fielding

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Montrealer going to Fielding
« on: January 05, 2010, 01:34:04 PM »

Hi guys

I just find this site this morning after 6 hrs of reading post,( what a help! Thank you a lot)   i am going to Fielding my initial plan was R.Zelt ,i am from Montreal i send  email to Zelt  was reply fast that the price is around 2800$ to 5600$.I think my case is Moderate i try post a picture. how long i need to plan to go back to work? i am an airline Pilot, so i need to make sure i am 100% fit before going back.what i understand is more expensive for guys from QC, but what about private insurance? i have SunLife who normally paid when the Quebec insurance don't

The post i read was old, any guys from Montreal have updates?

Thank you


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Re: Montrealer going to Fielding
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Salut Jet,

did you finally go to Zelt here in Montreal or you tried Fielding in Toronto ?

How much did you pay ?


Re: Montrealer going to Fielding
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I had the surgery in September by Fielding.  I tried to contact Zelt but by the time he got around to replying to my e-mail I had already made arrangements with Fielding.  I have no Canadian insurance even though I live in Montreal.  I paid $4,200 out of pocket.  Since Quebec insurance doesn't pay for any of it I am not sure if that is what you can expect to pay or not.  I have no idea how your private insurance works.  My results are much better than before the surgery but I am not 100% satisfied.  Like several other people who had the surgery last year, I have a sunken nipple that seems to be straightening itself out at a VERY SLOW pace.  Whether or not it ever corrects itself remains to be seen.  If it hasn't improved by the one year mark I will contact another PS to see what can be done. 

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