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4 Days post op with Fielding - My Surgery Experience!

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4 Days post op with Fielding - My Surgery Experience!
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Hi Guys,

I'm a 24 year old male.  I've had gyno since I was 14.

I went to Fielding last March for a consult.  He said he couldn't really feel the gyno, it seemed mainly like fat and suggested I just get lyposuction, I insisted there was gyno that could be noticed especially when I was warm so he said okay to cutting the gland.  The total price of surgery was set for 1,500.

My initial appointment was July but I got cold feet and rescheded to September. 

Surgery day - I chose the local anaesthetic because I didn't want the long recovery time and also because I thought it might be an interesting experience.

I arrived at 1 pm to the hospital and was expecting a long wait as many guys here suggested he took forever.  No one mentioned this in any other posts but I thought I'd mention it.  If you are having local anasthetic surgery at St. Joseph's, enter the East Main entrance and turn immediately to the right through what looks like a surgical door.  You check in where it says Eye clinic, minor surgery.  To me this was EXTREMELY confusing, as I thought I was in the area where minor surgery was on held just for the eyes.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that, 45 minutes after checking in, Fielding was ready to go and I was in the operating room.  As many others mentioned, a nurse instructed me to take off my shirt and put on a hospital gown.  JCF came in, took a quick picture, and reassured me of everything.  I wasn't all that nervous, but it was appreciated.

On the operating table.  JCF loaded up a syringe and injected both of my pecs - NOT an epitherial, not a low dose general, just a straight freezing of my chest.  This HURT BADLY!  I'm not trying to scare anyone, but this was surprisingly uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if he knicked a vein or something, but it was worse than other injections i've had.

Coming into this surgery, I was very lean, and he saw that.  So he called a last minute change, and said he was going to do the entire surgery through the nipple incisions he made, expecting it wouldn't be too much work in terms of the lipo suction.  He stuck a longggg needle looking probe into the incision line and began filling it with the solution to loosen everything up.  20 minutes later he came back and it was time to get to work.

He started with lyposuction.  Let me tell you this, DON'T go into this surgery expecting lypo suction to be a walk in the park.  This was the most disgusting feeling I've ever had, it was painful and disturbing the amount of force he had to use to tear through all the gland.  About 5 minutes in he had to stop saying he couldn't beleive how much gland there was and how he underestimated my gland/fat ratio.  He stopped lypo and started on the gland.  This was nice, I could't feel anything, it was quiet, I got to relax.  After the gland, he went back to the lypo to clean things up.  A couple quick stitches and I was done surgery.  Blood was everywhere... including the floor, but I would have never known because of the lack of pain.

The whole process lasted about 40 minutes, it wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't that bad.  I would DEFINATELY recommend local anasthetic, because I don't think the lag time is worth it.  He prescribed me percocets for  the pain (allergy to T3).  I filled the prescription right in the hospital pharmacy.

I was back at the hotel, and I felt pretty darn fine, almost good.  Perhaps a little overconfident, I decided to go out for supper to a sitdown restaurant with my girlfriend.  During the meal, the freezing started to wear off, and it was a litttttle bit painful.  I had taken my perc by that time, so we finished the meal and went back to the hotel. 

Next day, wasn't nearly as sore as the night before.  I had my followup appt with JCF, where he gave me some arnica to try to reduce the swelling.  He said I had almost no bruising and certainly no signs of hemotoma.  I was free to go home.

I flew home, the flight was painless, and here I am now, in absolutely minimal pain, the most annoying thing is the compression vest.  I only took 4 of the 20 prescribed pain killers and to tell you the truth, I didn't need more than 1.  Anyone skeptical with this surgery should really just do it, its totally worth it.  God bless.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=15566.0

Re: 4 Days post op with Fielding - My Surgery Experience!
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congrats man, how satisfied are u with the results? :)

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