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Surgery with Dr. Sue Thistlethwaite, Melbourne

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Re: Surgery with Dr. Sue Thistlethwaite, Melbourne
« Reply #15 on: July 23, 2014, 11:06:10 PM »

I went through the same thing as you.... feeling back to square one. I felt like nothing had changed. This was an illogical feeling on my behalf because it's not possible your chest has grown the gyno back. It's all in your mind.

I put it down to a couple things:
1. Coming out of surgery you notice the difference straight away....it's clear as day, and you're elated. After a few weeks your brain adjusts to the changes and now sees this as "normal", and you're not "wow-ed" every time...you're used to it. Much like buying a new phone; for the first couple of weeks you think it's like discovering the cure to cancer, then the novelty wears off and it just becomes your phone.

Hypothetically speaking, imagine if you woke up and your chest went back to what it was before surgery. I guarantee you'd notice instantly. And cry.

2. Wearing the compression vest keeps your chest as flat as humanly possible. After a few weeks once you've taken it off, coupled with the fact you've probably been inactive and chances are put on a little weight, PLUS any swelling, there's a very good chance your chest appears bigger.

The little thing I've been doing to remind myself my chest has gotten a lot flatter is trying to grab the gyno as I've done a thousand times in the past. I can't....because it doesn't exist. My nipple is flat against my chest.

My expectations were probably unrealistic. I was expecting this perfectly flat, chiseled chest. Being realistic though, my body fat is higher than I'd like it to be, and I haven't bench pressed in months. I have to put in the hard yards now to mould it into what I want..... and I know I can do that without having weird lumps of gyno under my nipples, and puffy nipples.

Your mind will try to play tricks on you like this. Just remind yourself of the facts. Follow Sue's instructions and be patient with the healing process. I'm still healing at 2 months, but I feel great.

I was thinking the same thing with mine ^

Are you able to upload some before and after pics here?


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Re: Surgery with Dr. Sue Thistlethwaite, Melbourne
« Reply #16 on: November 18, 2014, 09:26:52 AM »
Hows it all going  any pics?