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Consultation number 2 - Tristan de Chalain - Auckland

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Consultation number 2 - Tristan de Chalain - Auckland
« on: September 21, 2013, 03:54:41 AM »
Tristan didn't palpate up as high as Glenn Bartlett and subsequently didn't mention anything about having to remove the tail aspect by cutting horizontally as I was told was the only way to remove all of the tissue in my first consult with Dr Bartlett (see my other thread)

He showed 3 'after' photos that looked like they had been taken on a very poor quality low Megapixel camera, then displayed on a very old laptop running a low screen resolution.
Sure, you couldn't see any scars, because you couldn't see ANY detail.
They pics were quite zoomed-out and had no detail.
I found this was kinda insulting to my intelligence.. look! no scars! Ugh.

Also, I could tell he was quite conservative in his method and some of the after pics still looked like there was some gyno present.. shocking.

So if other surgeons read this, please use a really high megapixel D-SLR camera and show them on a high res screen to help your patients see your work!

I was quoted 12k all up, everything included.. anesthesia, compression garments, follow ups etc

I could tell he was irking every time I asked a question or clarified something.
He did proceed to answer the question but he was quite abrupt and short with me, which made me feel bad about asking further questions. I didn't like that.
I understand surgeons must answer a million questions from paranoid patients but 12 grand is.. errr Twelve Grand!

One other thing, he told me that he uses a Z-shaped incision UNDER the nipple. This was unacceptable to me. I have never heard of that and have only heard of an circular incision around the edge of the nipple.
I have hair all over my chest but NONE under my nipples, so nothing to disguise a scar there. Deal breaker!!

3rd consult (and hopefully final) will be with Dr Benjamin Norris who is a Kiwi who practices in Bondi Australia.  

There are two users here Liandoolb and EY2012 who have recently had breast reduction surgeries with Ben and I can't wait to see their results. I am willing to travel to Australia to get the 'right' surgeon.

I am thinking of moving to Sydney at the end of this year saving hard and then getting it done, but first I need to get a consultation.

I am going to document everything on here in detail to help out other members who are wanting to get this done.
Almost every day I think about how amazing it is going to look post surgery, I am counting the days down so I can start living a normal life again.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=28368.0

Re: Consultation number 2 - Tristan de Chalain - Auckland
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2013, 03:58:54 AM »
One other point with noting was that Tristan explained fluid balance to me well when I asked him questions.
They measure how much fat they liquify and liposuction out so that they can make sure they replace the fluids that have been lost, otherwise the body will go into shock.
So if they lipo out 100ccs of fat then they give you 100ccs of fluid back via a drip etc..
When they were pioneering lipo in the 60s and 70s they never replaced the fluid lost and people would die from having liposuction, yowza!

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