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Adelaide - Gynocomastia surgery - Consultation through to post op.

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Re: Adelaide - Gynocomastia surgery - Consultation through to post op.
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so my surg is this week. I will write an update soon after. After years of research ... Waiting .. Saving...

I hope everything went well mate. I'm waiting for your detailed account of the whole experience.

Re: Adelaide - Gynocomastia surgery - Consultation through to post op.
« Reply #16 on: March 27, 2010, 01:32:33 AM »
Alas, the final report.

Leading up to the day....
Before the surg I organized delivery of my comp vest (you have to have your waist and chest measurments ) transferred payments to sue vis Internet banking, paid anethatist ove the phone with credit card, spoke with the friendly staff at lonely about my arrival/stay, spoke with the anethetist about preparing for surg ie diet etc, spoke with sues nurse about my logistics etc,
The op occured on a Thursday. I was flying over by myself on the Wednesday night( as I was in early in the morning I did not want to risk airline canceling flight.. Does happen!!) and had found a hotel to stay in near the clinic. The plan was to walk to clinic in the morning (arrive 7 15am). After the op I was to return to the hotel, stay a night an fly home on Friday. I was going to be doing this by myself a my gf could not get time off. Lonely clinic were concerned about this and arranges a discounted overnight rate which enabled me to stay there and be monitored overnight as apposed to being in a hotel by myself. I took them up on this and it proved to be a fantastic decision. So as I flew from Adelaide on the Wednesday I had one night in a hotel, early rise and get to linley clinic, have op, stay overnight, visit sue friday lunchtime to get bandages removed and then fly back to Adelaide to recover. I had been quite busy leading up to the op but once I was in melb I was excited and nervous about the op. I took this photo of my gyne the day before surg ....

On the morning of the surg I arrived at linely at 7 15 am. I paid my final installment ( linely fee- theatre & overnight stay). The staff were friendly and showed mr to my nice little private room. We went through some logistics ie where stuff is, bed, tv etc . They letft me to undress and pit on my hospital gown and comp stockings. After settling in I lay down and accidentally dosed off. I was awoken by sue, she had come to say hello and draw around the area/ mark out where sh was going to operate. Check it....
Soon after I met my anethst and was heading down for surg, the op room was just like on tv. I lay down, they put in a needle/ drip thing.... After a bit of craic ..... Zzzzzzzzz

I awoke in recovery I think? And then again later in my room, my memory of this time is hazey to say the least. I remember looking down at my cheat the first time and seeing my compression vest on, loads of bandaging underneath and some tubes attached to little pots... As soon as I was able to walk I tool this photo......
Pain was non existant that whole day. As the drugs wore off discomfort was the main and only gripe I had. After eating loads and sleeping loads through out the day I felt awesome. Although at this stage I had no idea what my cheast looked like I was happy.
 between sleeps I ate loads... Linely staff were awesome! Bringing me coffee, crackers with cheese, dinner, dessert .. Was greAt as I was so hungry after surg! I watched a lot if tv into the night. The room is well equiped and my stay was so so good. I was travelling from interstate for this was going to be by myself. Staying in linely that night was the best decision I made! My gf would have been bored and j would have felt a bit like a burden to her if we stayed I a hotel that night so i recommend crashing in linely if it's practical. The tv has all channels you het with a set top box (abc2, go etc) so there is always something on. That night j could not sleep so I walked up and down the corridor a bit to get the legs moving.. And I had a few Milosz!! Here is a photo of the view I had from my bed. ... That nights sleep was average but comfortable. I had a few pain killers ( to helpe dose a bit) and the night staff vigalantly monitored my blood oxygen, blood pressure and drain amounts (Les than 15 ml in each).


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Re: Adelaide - Gynocomastia surgery - Consultation through to post op.
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Thanks so much for posting this mate. I'm thinking about looking into this at the moment and are also in Adelaide.

Let us know how it's going for you post-op.

Re: Adelaide - Gynocomastia surgery - Consultation through to post op.
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Good work with the operation.

How are things now ? How long until you can take the vest off ?

A little off topic, but did  (or anyone else) research Dr Hamilton (Also located in glenelg) at all ? He has his own website and a section about gyno removal, yet I can't find any information on him around here. http://www.hamiltonhouse.com.au/

Re: Adelaide - Gynocomastia surgery - Consultation through to post op.
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Could we get a follow up, I'd like to know how it went

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