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20th August - Surgery Success - Dr Jill Tomlinson, Melbourne

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20th August - Surgery Success - Dr Jill Tomlinson, Melbourne
« on: September 22, 2013, 08:06:32 AM »
Hello all,

My story is no different to most people on this forum. Had a typical case of gynecomastia since my teens. So after almost 18yrs I finally went through the surgery and I am glad it's all over now. I had the puffy nipples since I was 15 and even though I was never over weight and did lot of running the problem remained. I would go to gym just to do bench press but nothing changed. I loved swimming but would never go due to the fear of being ridiculed by my mates. Sometime back I decide it's time I got ride of this problem from my life.

I started googling and collecting information but when I met local surgeons and got an estimate I realized I can't afford this. But I was determined to solve this problem. So through this forum I found the name of the best doctor in India. Just the way Sue is promoted in Melbourne, there was a doctor in India with very good feedback on this forum and I exchanged few emails with him and was almost certain to go ahead for the surgery at my next overseas trip. However around that time I hurt my thumb at the gym and got a minor crack. I avoided it for a long time as the GP recommended it will be cured on it's own but it didn't as it was a condition called 'trigger thumb' and I needed to see a surgeon to get a shot on the hand. Through google I found a hand surgeon and went to see her and got treated and turns out she's a plastic surgeon. That's how I met Dr Jill Tomlinson.

So I had my initial check up done and got a quote which was well withing my budget. I tried to google about her reviews but couldn't find any information so was bit nervous. Should I take a risk or should I just spend a fortune on a doc cause he/she is well known? After a lot of thinking I told myself I feel comfortable about her ability. She was easy to talk with and her knowledge was as good as any other surgeon I had met to get those quotes. All I wanted was to get ride of the breast tissue and I told myself even if it's not the best result I'll work out at the gym and get into better shape. Call me crazy but I chose to take a chance based on my gut feeling.

I went to see Jill again, fill out the forms and book myself for surgery on 20th of August, 2013 at Epworth Cliveden. I did this around July end and did not receive any communication from the hospital and it made me nervous. So I called them up and was advised they'll contact me closer to the surgery date. I received a call on Friday the week before to go through the form I had filled out and ask few basic questions. Then I got the call from the anesthetist going through similar basic questions. I was able to select the anesthetist that did bulk billing so there were no out of pocket expenses.

A day before surgery I was called to advise there was a cancellation and instead of 8.30 I need to arrive at 7.30. I arrived at the hospital at 7.30. After 5 min wait i was taken to the patient waiting room where I was asked to change into the patient gown and the nurse again went through the questionnaire with me. Around 8.30 I was taken towards surgery theatre where the anesthetist nurse did another round of questioning. Then Jill came to see me and talked to me about the surgery and if I had any questions. Then she told me where she'll be making incision and drew it on my chest. I told I am fine where or how you make the cut, just get ride of the tissue!

A little after 9 I was taken to the operation theatre. I have had few medical problems in the past and operation theatre was not new to me. The Anesthetist introduced himself and asked me for my favorite drink and told me I was gona feel very drunk and before I knew I was in deep sleep. I love this feeling. The best sleep ever!

Not sure about the time but I came to little consciousness and was very thirsty. I asked for water and Jill was there and advised me the operation was successful. I smiled had water and fell asleep. Then when I woke up later I was hungry and thirsty (had been fasting since the night before). So told the nurse to get me some food and she got me sandwiches and pain killers. I wasn't really feeling any pain. The nurse said she need to check my chest. They had already put the vest on me. When the nurse tried to look at it I felt as if it was still the same and I wasn't feeling any pain either, so I started wondering did I really have any surgery?

I did not have any drain pipes as many people had mentioned in this forum and this was because I did not have much bleeding thanks to the skillful work of Dr Tomlinson. I had chosen to stay at the hospital even though I was given an option to leave after half a day, as I did not have anyone to take care of me at home. It was not fun but I kept on watching TV. Nurse came in regularly to check on my temperature and if there was any bleeding in my chest and giving me pain killers if required.  I am a vegetarian and like most hospitals they didn't have much options in stock but I survived on sandwiches and fruits. The hospital staff was very good and caring.

Night was pretty uneventful. I stayed up till late watching TV following labour and liberals argue how they will be the best bet for Australia at the next election! In the morning I walked around a bit and saw my chest in mirror. Even though it was swollen like before the pointed shape was gone and when I wore the vest it appeared flat so I was happy to know something changed. Had my breakfast after getting fresh in the morning and then Jill came to see me again. I asked her a few questions that I had picked up from the forums the night before while I was getting bored and she addressed them... they were mainly about recovery and when can I see the final result of my normal chest. I was called a cab and was on my way home.

I did not go to work for a week and as advised by Jill kept on the same vest and did not shower either. Luckily didn't have anyone home to complain about me stinking. I don't know if i am lucky or Jill did an awesome job but I felt little or no pain. All I felt was sore chest after gym workout. I took the strong pain killers for first 3 days but then stopped as it was giving me constipation (my doc friend told me those pills make you constipated) but panadols were good enough for the pain I was feeling. The most annoying or painful part in the recovery for me has been was sleeping on the back. I would wake up in the middle of the night with sore back as I am used to sleeping on sides. Apart from that first week was all about sleeping, eating and watching TV. I did feel as if some liquid was moving around my nipples and it made me really worried. I was wondering had something gone wrong with my surgery but slowly it settled down.

After the first week I went to see Jill where she removed my tapes and showed me the scars. You could hardly tell I had a surgery (pics will be uploaded soon). I also felt no pain when she removed the tapes as thanks to this forum I had shaved my chest before the surgery. She took some pics at my request and applied silicon tapes. I started work after a week. Walked slowly and avoided lifting weight as much as I could. I did not have any discomfort in wearing the vest and I wondered if it was not too tight (mine was ready made and not custom made as per my size). Around second week I felt bit of itchiness around the chest and I was not sure if it was due to the vest or due to the surgery but that itchiness slowly disappeared.

After 4 weeks I feel completely normal. I haven't started gym yet but I did go for a 2hr walk today and I was perfectly fine after it. Results wise I do not have a complete flat chest but from the results I have seen on other famous surgeons on this forum my results are as can be expected (I saw pre and post pics of patient having similar chest to mine and hence I can make that statement!). I have a long way to go in terms of getting into proper shape but I can't wait to hit gym again. After this surgery I have got my motivation back and now I want to have that perfect body that I can show off at the beach!

Those who read this complete essay and are still thinking what to do, I'll say if it's bothering you don't wait. The surgery is very simple. If you're worried about costs go see Jill before she becomes famous and her costs are like every other surgeon. I had private health cover so did not have to pay for hospital, anesthetist was bulk billed so did not have to pay for it and surgery cost was under 3k.

I believe I was lucky to have met Jill at the right time. Also thank you all in the forum who have shared the experiences to motivate others. Good luck for those who are planning to go for the surgery.


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=28372.0

Re: 20th August - Surgery Success - Dr Jill Tomlinson, Melbourne
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2015, 08:31:51 PM »
Hi all,

I have been getting lot of personal message inquiring about my results so I will post it here for everyone's benefit.

Surgery skills wise Dr Tomlinson was great and there are no scars or marks to show any surgery was done or any side effects.

Results wise, mine were not great. Not enough fat was removed to get a flat chest and I still have boobs. I would say 40% cured (tissue removed and some fat gone) and better than what it was before. Other people have had better results who went to see her after my first post. So I guess make your own decision based on how comfortable you feel


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