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Went for a consultation today, recommended Liposuction only

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Dealt with this issue for a really long time, basically all I think about when out in public and wearing T shirts etc. Also I lost about 70lbs in 3 years just so you guys know if that information matters. I have tried to lose fat and have lost it in every part except my chest and when I grab there it seems like a firm glandular tissue as I've read about and it protrudes even more now that my chest had developed a little bit from being in the gym so much.
I went to my consultation today ready to book an appointment and get this over with. But the doctor after a quick few touches said that only liposuction was needed. I understand that this will clear some issues with the fat on the sides and on my chest but I have read so many stories of people needing a 2nd surgery to actually get rid of the gland. I tried to mention that I did want the gland removed he said there isn't a gland at all there, I would like to trust him as he is an expert but i want to be sure. 
I don't care what the cost is but didn't want to contradict him in his office and insist I want that gland removed as he said it was just fat. 
My question is, if its just fat should'nt I have seen some decrease when i lost all that weight every else on my body, as it didn't does that not point to there being breast tissue that needs removal? In the end I just want it done, the cost does not matter like I've said and if lipo only is needed that is okay but I want to be sure so hoping for some help here.
Also: he said that when I lift my arms (he got me to do that) there isnt anything visible so i tried to do that in the picture for you guys, as far as I see I still kind of feel something there even when I do that.
So for the long post, hopefully I can get some information on this. Thanks.

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Re: Went for a consultation today, recommended Liposuction only
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Wouldn't let me add another picture for some reason in the original post.

Re: Went for a consultation today, recommended Liposuction only
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It looks to me like you have real gynecomastia, which means there would be a dense glandular portion contributing to the fullness you see. In my experience, 99% of the time, liposuction with or without ultasonic liposuction will NOT be able to remove all of the glandular tissue. There i usually a portion directly beneath the nipple that needs to be directly excised, either through an incision along the lower border of the areola or through the small liposuction incision laterally (1.5 cm). Perhaps you should go for another consult.
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Re: Went for a consultation today, recommended Liposuction only
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I would agree with Dr Schuster. It is always reasonable to get a second opinion particularly when being told something that does not make complete sense.
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Re: Went for a consultation today, recommended Liposuction only
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No-one, neither doctor or patient, can feel a chest a determine whether or not there is gland present.  For the vast majority of men, there is always gland and fat present, in varying ratios.

I very strongly believe that any surgeon planning to perform gyne surgery should be prepared to do both lipo and gland excision at the same operation.  It is absurd to think you know ahead of time that lipo only will suffice to provide a nice shape for you.  It is equally absurd for any surgeon to recommend a two stage operation -- lipo first and then gland excision if needed as a second stage.

I think you should seek another opinion.  

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Re: Went for a consultation today, recommended Liposuction only
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These docs are all right on the money, and now you have a 4th opinion on this forum.  I agree that you need a second opinion.  Be sure to select a plastic surgeon who does a lot of gynecomastia.  It looks like you'll need both liposuction and gland excision.
Best of luck-
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