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to all surgeons

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to all surgeons
« on: September 06, 2009, 12:45:40 AM »
how much  fat do you take out? I have looked at lot pre/post op pics in some chest is completely flat others there is still  gyno 1 year later ,are some surgeons more conservative and don't take out as much fat?

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Re: to all surgeons
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There is an artistic side, among others, to the performance of gyne surgery.  It is important to provide a smooth and contoured chest -- but one which is consistent with the surrounding parts of your body.  It would not be appealing if we provided you with a thin chest -- and your surrounding body had some fat -- it would be disproportionate and might even cave in.  So really, it is not how much fat you remove that counts, its whether one has removed an appropriate amount of fat for a particular individual.

In performing this surgery, the art is knowing how much to remove and how much to leave.  That takes experience!

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