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Dear doctors,

After 1 year of my gynecomastia surgey, i did a revision with local anesthesia and while under the surgey and once the doctor injected the anesthesia the nipple and the surrounding area of both sides became very puffy and hard immediately . One side settled quickly and the other side still very hard and puffy noting that i am 25 days post the revision.
Is that normal and anything can be done to reduce it?

And is it right that there is muscle fascia in this area? 


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Re: Revision
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There is often swelling after surgery and each side can look different from the other.  It is still a relatively short time since your revision surgery.  Would suggest you keep in touch with your surgeon and be patient -- wait at least 4-6 months in order to properly evaluate the results of your operation.

Dr Jacobs
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Re: Revision
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Well noted. Thanks doctor.
Just 1 more question, is it normal the incision to be like this, because as i remember in the previous surgery it was much softer

Re: Revision
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Everyone heals differently, from side to side, even in the same patient.  You are probably looking at swelling.  Again, be patient and observe.  If there is any scar tissue creating the firmness, it can be treated with cortisone once most of the swelling has subsided.

Dr Jacobs

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