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Question about swelling vs. scar tissue vs. remaining gland - 7 weeks post op

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My case was mostly gland, but the doctor did do some lipo.  The first few days after, my chest was completely flat, albeit swollen.  As the swelling started to subside, around 1 week I noticed that my right side had a lump in it, starting just above the nipple.  I brought it up with my doctor around that time period and he said it was just swelling and would subside.

Well, I'm now 7 weeks post op and the left side is still perfect while the lump in the right side appears to be more prominent.  You can see in the pictures (first two pictures are pre op and the last two are post op side shots showing the contour problem) that the lump is not really centered beneath the nipple, but more above it and off to the side near the armpit.  I also feel like I have some soft/swollen tissue cover a good portion of my pec well above the nipple as well.  The puffiness of the nipple is still way less than it was pre op, but this lump of soft tissue is really causing a contour problem, especially if you look at it from the side.  I'm mostly concerned that he did not remove all the gland.  It feels a lot like gland.  Squishy and soft with little lumps in it.  It could also be excess fat that wasn't removed. Or just localized swelling of tissue.  Or scar tissue, but I don't think it's that.  I started to develop a little scar tissue underneath the incision and it feels different.

Again, I brought it up with my doctor at 6 week post op visit and he said he had to cauterize a lot of fat near the armpit on that side and this is the result of it, swelling of tissue, dried blood that had settled down near the bottom of my chest.  That the swelling settles downward.  And that since this side was slightly bigger to begin with, the skin is looser and hasn't tightened up yet, but it would subside.  He said he couldn't feel any hard tissue or scar tissue, but I feel like I can feel some squishy/hard tissue underneath.

I know 7 weeks is still early and things are still healing, but I just have a couple of questions for the doctors on this site (and anyone else who might have had similar experience);

1. Should I believe my doc?  Is it just swollen tissue or "induration" that will subside or did he just not remove all the gland or fat from the edge?
2. Since I noticed this contour problem 1 week after surgery, is that too early for this to be scar tissue?  Also, can scar tissue be soft like this, sort of lumpy and fat-like?
3. Does the initial swelling the first few days after surgery make your chest appear flat, when really the swelling is hiding contour problems?

I've often heard the rule that if it's flat the day after, then that's how your end result is going to be.  I truly hope that is the case with me.  From what I've read on this site with those with similar issues post op, they appear to always be complaining of puffy nips again.  Being that mine aren't puffy anymore, I feel this is slightly different issue than normal and am hoping someone can shed some light and put my fears to rest.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=29862.0

Also, a couple more pics.  Post op at 1 day and then at 6 weeks.  And both the side shots are of my right side  You can't really see the contour issue from the side shot at 6 weeks in this photo, but I assure you it's there.  The angle has to be more from the side.  It's also slightly more pronounced when I'm flexing.