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Question about glands function.

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Question about glands function.
« on: November 06, 2009, 02:24:27 PM »
Hello. I have gynecomastia over 4 years and now I'm 16, I want to have a surgery but my mother says that it's dangerous to remove the gland, she says that all we have in our bodies is doing something. But I heard many times that this breast glands doesn't do anything and it is not dangerous for male to remove them! Dear doctors if you have time please give me an answer about chest glands functions in male organism.


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Re: Question about glands function.
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All men have some amount of natural breast tissue.  In most men, it is a small amount located just under the nipple/areola.  In some men, for some reason, the breast tissue enlarges and you then have gynecomastia.  Most often, there is a fat component as well.

Breast tissue has absolutely no function in a man -- unless of course you are planning to breast feed.  And it is absolutely not dangerous to remove the excess breast tissue on your chest.  There are hundreds of thousands of men who have had gynecomastia surgery and their lives are only better for it.

Sorry, but sometimes (and only sometimes) mothers can be wrong.

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Re: Question about glands function.
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Thank you Doc!  :)

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