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Question about gland removal 3 week post op PICS - doctors please advise

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Hello all,

Just leaving my 3 week check up. Had to meet with a PA as my surgeon was out sick today. Excision and Lipo was performed - I specially asked if they were able to remove ALL of the gland as I’m noticing puffiness in nipple area, probably due to swelling and scar tissue, but want to confirm it’s not remaining gland.

She told me they “didn’t remove any of the mammary glands in my chest as that would cause the chest to cave”. She said they removed 200 mL of tissue on each side “200 mL lipo aspirate each side” were her exact words.

She’s not the surgeon so perhaps there is some confusion, perhaps I didn’t word the question correctly (reworded it 3 times), perhaps they did remove the gland and we are just using different terminology. Either way, I am very concerned by this and would really appreciate some insight from the doctors on this page.

Please and thank you in advance. 3 week post op pics attached!

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=35327.0

Your 3 week post op pix don't look bad and I would recommend you be patient and allow any swelling to diminish.  Keep in close touch with your surgeon.  Also, a snug chest compression may help to decrease some swelling.

Good luck!

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Occaisionally liposuction (usually in combination with UAL) can completely correct gynecomastia, but in my experience it is <10% of cases. usually there remains a dense portion of gland which needs ot be removed. However a small amount of breast tissue needs to remain beneath the nipple to prevent depression and possible retraction. The contour of your correction looks good. Hang in there and return to see your surgeon when the time comes.
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Thank you doctors. Healing is continuing to progress as I’m just shy of 5 weeks post op now. It looks to me that everything is on the right track and will only continue to improve as I get back in the gym for cardio and weights. 


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I agree with the other surgeons. Your results look good in the photo, so you may have just not gotten accurate information from the PA, or you were one of those patients in whom liposuction alone was effective. 
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I am 8 weeks now and there seems to still be quite a bit of puffiness around the nipple area. Is this normal? I am back in the gym with no restriction but of course wearing compression all day. Picture is from a couple of weeks ago (it doesn’t illustrate the puffiness well) but any insight is genuinely appreciated. Thanks


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Those photos don't demonstrate any of the sort of puffiness that would concern me at 8 weeks out, but you've said that the pictures are not recent, nor do they show your concern.  Have you spoken with the surgeon yet? or only the assistant? The surgeon may tell you there was no gland palpable and that your condition was mostly or all just fat, in which case gland excision wouldn't be needed. That might alleviate your anxiety over a problem that may not exist. Alternatively, if you still have puffiness that is visually concerning, please share those photos and we may be able to comment further. 

Thank you for your reply doctors, very helpful. I’ve included an updated photo at about 8.5 weeks post op.

You might have a little resdual breast tissue beneath the nipple but I would not consider revising until 3-6 months after your original surgery.

I would confirm with the surgeon what he did. Results are early but far from alarming. The crease in the areola should improve or it will require a revision.
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