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Prednisone Post Surgery

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Prednisone Post Surgery
« on: September 11, 2009, 11:01:35 PM »
I grew up with childhood gynecomastia, more than likely due to Prednisone usage to help control my asthma.  I had surgery, liposuction and mastectomy (not sure if most or all of the glandular tissue was removed) to correct the problem.  Years had past and I swore never to take any type of steroid again.  Unfortunately, I had a very bad asthma attack recently and while I was in the hospital I was injected with a steroid and was issued a prescription for Prednisone 20mg tablets.  I'm supposed to take them (total of 8) 2 a day for 4 days.  What are the chances that it will come back because of this Prednisone?  I still have puffy areola's but I've gotten used to the fact and it's not NEARLY as bad as it used to be.  Lately, after taking this dosage I've been feeling unusually paranoid that I'll end up back where I started 3 years ago and I'd really appreciate any help.

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Re: Prednisone Post Surgery
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Nothing yet?  Well, that's a little disappointing :(

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