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Post Gyno Surgery Recovery Concerns

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Post Gyno Surgery Recovery Concerns
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:04:43 AM »
Hello everyone, after reading all the posts and forums I thought it would be better to do a post rather than read. It can be very negative to read some of these which I can understand but at the same time I would like to do a more positive post. 

I am 24 years old from the UK. I have done a couple  steroid courses in the past but not for 3 years. I developed gyno coming off steroids meaning I must have had some in balance in my oestrogen levels... or something like that. 

I had gyno in both nipples they slowly grew to about the size of a 50p coin. I went to Poland 10 weeks ago to get my surgery done and everything went well. The only thing my surgery done wrong is not prepare me mentally for a very slow recovery. This is where I got worried.

My slightly concern is my left nipple has no sensation back yet but most importantly it’s almost like i still have gyno. It’s got a nice big lump similar size to my old gyno that sits right in the nipple but I believe it is scar tissue. I feel no pain when I squeeze it but it’s showing through my clothing ever so slightly. 

My right nipple has sensation back and the scar tissue when squeezed can be slightly painful but this nipple doesn’t have scar tissue that sticks out, it’s more deeper. Which is annoying that they both are different. But I’m wondering why it hurts like gyno does when I squeeze it. 

I also still have dents in the side of the chest area where I had my drains. These are really annoying.

What I am looking for is some clarification on what’s next. I am happy with the outcome so far. I am extremely positive but I would like someone to talk to or guidance from someone qualified. Any similar success stories etc. 

How long may the scar tissue take to break down? I have been using caster oil to help with internal scar tissue is this good? 

Many thanks,


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=35298.0

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