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Nipples are still puffy after surgery please help Doctors

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Nipples are still puffy after surgery please help Doctors
« on: May 02, 2014, 08:09:44 AM »
I had my surgery 5 weeks ago Doctor only did incision and gland removal no liposuction as i didn't have much fat but glands are big. But now after 5 weeks still my nipples are puffy. One side is less puffy and looks fine but other side is big and nipple is puffy and it's still visible outside the shirt. When i touch my nipples and massage it gently then i can feel something hard inside where incision was made. I called my doctor but Hospital receptionist said he's out of town for some work and will come after 2 weeks. I can't wait that much. Please help Doctors. What is it ? Can it be treated or should i go for revision surgery ? I don't have that much again for revision surgery. Is there any other way for this ? can the puffiness be removed ? Please reply i'll be really Thankful to all the Doctors.

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Re: Nipples are still puffy after surgery please help Doctors
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Photos are always helpful in situations like this. Postoperative scar formation is maximal around one month on average then improves slowly with time.
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