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My unilateral gynecomastia: Questions and looking for possible solutions

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I'm a 31 year old male who recently developed gynecomastia, although on one side.  It started out of nowhere in the fall and developed pretty quickly.  I had been drinking a lot and I wondered if that led to it, but I've decided as of this week to cut out alcohol for a month or two in hopes that maybe I can reverse the effects of the gyno as fast as it came.

I'm hoping that surgery is not my only option as I work retail and there is no way I can afford it on my budget.  I have insurance, but as I understand, insurance won't cover it as it is a "cosmetic procedure."  My gyno has caused me a lot of depression and anxiety, even as I'm on Lexapro for preexisting depression.

I've attached photos of my unilateral gyno.  I want to know what my chances are options are, and how severe it is.

I just want it gone!  It's affecting me in everything I do.  I can't live like this and I'm looking for some kind of solution.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=35307.0

I have had cases similar to yours and one cannot ascribe drinking, food or anything else to the development of one-sided gyne.  The situation is called idiopathic, which means we just don't know why it happens.  Sorry, but the only treatment is surgical.  

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Unilateral gynecomastia is not too uncommon. In fact looking at your photo you might have a smaller amount of gyno on the other side. I am more concerned that it has just recently developed and over a brief period of time. I suggest you see a endocrinologist or an experienced gnecomastia surgeon who can do a proper workup. Getting rid of the gyno is not a big deal. Good luck.
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The specialist I saw a few months ago said I had slight gynecomastia on the other side as well.  I just hate that this developed.  I wish I had known something about it ahead of time so I could have prevented it.

My primary care physician said my liver enzymes were elevated during blood work, which makes me think it may be alcohol related.  I've quit drinking cold turkey in hopes that will get everything back into line.  I hate to think that surgery is my only option.  I can't afford it right now AT ALL.  :-(


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You didn't comment on your hormonal status in the workup by your PCP, but if you didn't have that done, you should. Alcohol as a cause of gynecomastia is generally causative after chronic use, rather than youthful binging (meaning increased use for a period of time, though perhaps not truly chronic use). For that reason, I'd be concerned that something else might be going on.  You don't mention supplement use or other medications, but those things should be looked at as well.  Development of gynecomastia at 31 is uncommon, whether unilateral or bilateral, and it needs to be properly evaluated. 
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