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So I am 30 and had this condition since I was 12 and have been tormented by it my entire life. My current situation is deployed and it's even worse this time than my last deployment. I am tired of the comments and feeling the way I do and dont want to go one more year this way. I know there is worse things in life but somedays it doesnt feel like it. I have saved money for surgery and will be home soon and hopefully can't get the issue resolved. I was told by a military physician once that I had pectus but never addressed the gyno issue. Was really needing an opinion on this, anything would help as I feel alone always in this situation and the anxiety is sometimes unbearable. These are some pictures and was wondering if my problem could be fixed in the opinion of a professional.

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You have a good looking chest and if there is any excess tissue there, it is minimal.  However, if this amount of tissue concerns you, then be sure to consult with an expert in gyne surgery, who can determine exactly how much tissue is really there and then provide an assessment and a discussion about the possible risks and benefits of doing surgery.  And be prepared for the possibility that the expert may turn you down for surgery.

Good luck!

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Thank you Doctor for taking the time to write that. The tissue is at the bottom and gives a saggy appearance and when I am hot it feels like it's worse.  And sticks out further. I no longer decline bench because it always makes it look worse and seems to aggravate it and makes it puffy. It seems to be at the bottom of the pec mostly and even extends outside the pectoral region which really freaks me out like little fat deposits on the sternum and rib area. I can also feel it on the middle of my chest on certain parts and nipples get chafing and itchiness in the heat. And occasional zap pains in nipples or lower chest or armpits. I have a consultation scheduled for when I get home from deployment. Thank again sir.

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You probably have very mild gynecomasia which really needs to be confirmed by exam. It is a bit concerning that you are so distraught over the mild nature of it. I fully understand how even small amounts of gynecomastia can really affect someone but it is important for you to understand tha there are risks of surgery - specifically not being able to get a perfect result, thus leaving you a bit disappointed. Take your time to find an experienced gyno surgeon to improve your chances of getting a successful result. Good luck.
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Thank you sir. There is no doubt in my mind I have in in fact I have pain from it. I mainly want the the glands out that aren't supposed to be in there on a male. If I look like hamburger meat after that's fine with me at least I know I dont have the glands. I have made 7 consultations for when I get home because this is just too much. These are some picture that are more noticeable. Sometimes if I take a picture of it the condition doesnt seem as bad and then other times it looks horrible like its shapeshifting or something. 


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A few of the photos do demonstrate very mild gynecomastia. As the other surgeons have noted, you should be sure to consult with a gynecomastia surgeon to give you the best chance at a good outcome.  Although one might think that mild cases are easier, they can actually be quite challenging, and therefore, it's best to have the procedure done by someone who is very comfortable with and does many gynecomastia procedures.  
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Thank you all for taking time out your day to write. This is the first time I have sought professional help for this and I feel like I am on the road to resolving the issue. I put 8k back for it when I get home and have made 7 appointments for consultation with plastic surgeons that specialize in or do gynecomastia surgery. I read that grade 2 gyno is difficult to fix which is what I think I have being that its spread lightly but widely if I understand it correctly. I believe the taunting in school and always being the new kid dealing with it set the tone for the rest of my life because I let it affect self esteem and self worth. Caused me to isolate and affected just about everything especially relationships.  Army isn't much better for taunting than school was either. Anyways thanks for the much needed medical advice and professional opinions instead of all the "bro science" I always hear.

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As far as gynecomastia if there is any tissue it would need to be determined by a physical exam but at most it is very mild. Your nipple is a bit larger than normal and projects more than average. You do not have a pectus deformity.
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