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Gyno for 4+ yrs Want Surgery but now on FINASTERIDE is it ok?

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Hi there hope you’re well. This is my very first post, forgive me if i did not post it properly.

I have had this condition for over 4 years.
I wasn’t very noticeable at the beginning but it got worse over the past couple of years.

I did some blood exams which I have attached. The Doctor said it is not Gynecomastia but I doubt it.

Also I have started Finasteride for Hair loss 1 mg a day since November 2018 ( Almost 5 months ago ) and have not experienced any side effects from the drug.

I would like to continue taking Finasteride, do you think it is an issue to have surgery done and continue the medication? (Will the Gyno come back, will i waste my money?)

Please tell your opinion and if you have been in my same situation.





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Re: Gyno for 4+ yrs Want Surgery but now on FINASTERIDE is it ok?
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You have a nice looking chest and most guys would be happy with it.  It is difficult to assess how much excess tissue is present without benefit of an actual physical exam.  If there is some extra tissue there, then yes, carefully performed surgery by a gyne expert could probably provide you with a more chiseled appearance.

As for the dilemma of finasteride, if you had this tissue years before finasteride and it did not increase after starting finasteride, then you should not have to worry about gyne recurrence after surgery due to finasteride.  But, there are absolutely no guarantees!

Good luck!

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Re: Gyno for 4+ yrs Want Surgery but now on FINASTERIDE is it ok?
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I have operated on many individuals who have taken finasteride before and after surgery .Thee patients have done well. It is important to understand that a risk of using finasteride is gynecomastia. In individuals who have not exhibited gynecomastia as a result of using finasteride it is not unreasonable to continue taking it after surgery. There is a risk of recurrence but it is small if there has not been an effect preoperative.

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Re: Gyno for 4+ yrs Want Surgery but now on FINASTERIDE is it ok?
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I have also operated on patients who were on Finasteride, and if that wasn't the cause of their gynecomastia or didn't have an effect on it during use of the medication, they've not had any issues afterwards either. If this were the cause of the condition, I'd be less enthusiastic about resuming its use. 
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Re: Gyno for 4+ yrs Want Surgery but now on FINASTERIDE is it ok?
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2019, 12:09:08 PM »
Thank you all for your support and answers!

I have been on finestaride for 5 months and have not experienced any kind of side effects. 
However, my Gyno has gotten slightly bigger in the past year.

01)  Is 5 months on FINASTERIDE long enough to know is ''safe'' to have surgery or would you recommend to wait longer?

02)  Is there any exams you would suggest to have done before deciding on having surgery? ( Such as Hormonal imbalances or breast ultrasound)

03) This Doctor affirms that once surgery is done Gyno will never come back, do you agree with him?

I am considering in having my surgery done next month in Poland but i don't  want to rush it and see Gyno come back due to Finasteride.

Once Again thank you

Re: Gyno for 4+ yrs Want Surgery but now on FINASTERIDE is it ok?
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You might have some mild gynecomastia. A side effect of the finesteride is developing gynecomastia. If it does not currently bother you, there I not any reason to do anything. At such point that it does bother you, surgery wil be the definitive solution. Since 99% of the breast tissue is removed your result should remain stable over your lifetime even if you continue on the finesteride, though no guarantees can be made. 
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